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Light and robust: xiros® thrust bearings

Unlike metal thrust bearings, xiros thrust bearings made of polymer are very light. They are characterised by smooth running, low friction and extraordinarily low coefficient of wear. As they do not need any additional lubrication, they are clean and suitable for the medical sector, the packaging industry and applications involving contact with food.
Thrust bearings - What are they?
What is the composition of a xiros thrust bearing?
How do thrust bearings work?

xiros® single-direction thrust bearings

Single-direction thrust bearings

  • Dirt-resistant
  • Particularly lightweight
  • Lubrication-free

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xiros® double-row thrust bearings

Double-row thrust bearings

  • For higher loads
  • Maintenance-free
  • High corrosion resistance

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Thrust washer for supporting axial loads

Thrust washers with balls

  • Absorb higher loads than standard thrust washers
  • Low break-away torque
  • Low coefficient of friction 

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Thrust bearings - What are they?

Whereas rolling bearings reduce rotational friction, some bearings are specially designed to withstand stress or bearing loads in different directions. Example of this are axial loads, thrust loads and radial loads. Thrust bearings are bearings with balls as rolling elements that are designed to absorb axial, i.e. thrust, forces. They absorb axial forces in the axial direction of the shaft.

What is the composition of a xiros thrust bearing?

The bearing rings and the ball-cage assembly of the xiros thrust bearings consist of xirodur polymer, which was specially developed for this purpose by igus. This makes external lubrication superfluous, leading to an enormous saving with regard to the maintenance costs. The balls can consist of either stainless steel or glass, which means that axial deep groove ball bearings made of polymer are:

  • corrosion-free
  • non-magnetic (with glass balls) and
  • chemical-resistant.

The indicated dimensions of thrust bearings are based on the DIN 711 standard. The product range includes single-direction and double-row deep groove ball bearings for axial loads. The double-row deep groove thrust bearings are especially suitable when heavy loads have to be absorbed.

Composition of thrust bearings: cross section

How do thrust bearings work?

Thrust bearings are used when a high degree or rigidity, low centrifugal forces and low to medium speeds are required. These bearings are not usually suitable for radial loads and, if necessary, are combined with radial bearings. Radial bearings are designed in such a way that they withstand the forces acting vertically on the shaft but can also absorb radial forces at high speeds.
Some rolling bearings are able to tolerate radial and axial forces that act on a shaft.

Ball bearings test laboratory


xiros bearings are put through their paces in the industry's largest test laboratory.

Ball bearings catalogue

The xiros ball bearings catalogue can be downloaded directly online!


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