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igus® (India) Pvt. Ltd.

36/1, Sy No. 17/3, NCPR Layout, Euro School Road,

Dodda Nekkundi Indl Area, 2nd Stage, Mahadevapura Post,

Bangalore- 560048

+91 80 69116900
+91 80 68127802

igus DIY - We will support you in your project.

Whether DIY newcomer or professional: igus helps you to build your project successfully. Hobbyists and inventors have been regular customers at igus for many years. Since 2016, igus has been following the DIY scene, and with its expert systems provides free support in the production of unique and special constructions without any registration or login.

Configure your own components in under 5 minutes

igus provides over 35 tools for the configuration of the most varied components. Completely free of charge and without registration you will be shown drawing files, prices and delivery times. 
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Garden interior

Model making

Will the project be constantly exposed to the weather? Should it work day and night? - Click here for DIY products from igus for garden & conservatory.
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Especially narrow and small installation spaces require creative solutions? Do you need a particularly quiet linear guide, an energy chain or a plain bearing for your project? - igus is known for particularly light and quiet products
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Living room & furniture

When converting cars, would you prefer to install the components and never have to replace them again? igus parts are like that.
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If you don't want the drawer to squeak or creak, if you want the guide to be easy to move even after years, then you've come to the right place.
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The variety of drylin on your desk

With their extensive modular system, drylin® W profile guides offer greatest product diversity. See for yourself the benefits of our drylin® W profile guides with our sample box.
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igus drylin sample box