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igus® (India) Pvt. Ltd.

36/1, Sy No. 17/3, NCPR Layout, Euro School Road,

Dodda Nekkundi Indl Area, 2nd Stage, Mahadevapura Post,

Bangalore- 560048

+91 80 69116900
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Robots, training and teaching content for schools and universities

robocube with students

Practical robotics training

The rapid development of digitalisation is fundamentally changing production processes and is therefore demanding new skills and competencies. It is therefore important that tomorrow's specialists and managers are prepared for the new challenges. The Low Cost Automation training program starts right there:

  • Practical relevance guaranteed: The robots developed and produced by igus® for industry are used in training courses. This ensures a seamless entry into industrial robotics.
  • Safety: igus® products are CE compliant and therefore comply with applicable safety standards.
  • Inexpensive solutions: Whether you build individual components yourself or complete systems - adapt the range of solutions to your requirements.

women programming a robot

Low Cost Automation in everyday teaching

What is the best way to anchor theoretical knowledge in your head? Exactly by applying them. Low Cost Automation has already found its way into many educational institutions and has supported numerous students on their educational path. Find out how other universities work with our robots.

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Apiro® GIF starter kit

Apiro® robotics modular system

The Apiro® robotics kit, developed for educational institutions, provides a playful introduction to the world of robotics. Eight different robots can be assembled from the kit.

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Robot programming

The free and user-friendly software is ideal for beginners in programming. With the digital twin, you can also program all robots offline.

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Robotic accessories at RBTX

From grippers and cameras up to conveyor belts - the RBTX online marketplace offers cost-effective accessories for your automation solutions.

About RBTX

Sample programs for your igus® Robot Control

Save time and money with our sample programs

Faster integration of igus® Robot Control for your machines by combining simple components and igus® sample programs.

  • Free download programs
  • Reduced integration time
  • e.g. LabView, ifm, ROS, Modbus, Matlab Simulink 
  • Compatible with industrial manufacturers (Siemens, Beckhoff, Wago etc.)

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