Pedestal-type ball bearings

Robust, corrosion-resistant and long-lasting
Polymer pedestal-type ball bearings are up to 60% lighter and up to 40% more cost-effective than metal bearings. They also enable economically efficient operation. The bearings enable low-friction and hygienic dry operation. They are resistant to corrosion and media, optionally non-magnetic, electrically insulating and long-lasting.   
igus® offers the xiros® pedestal-type ball bearings with two types of igubal® housing: an especially compact, rigid version whereby the stainless steel or glass balls roll directly in the housing. And a self-aligning version that compensates for misalignment.




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xiros® pillow block bearings, ESTM, fixed version, glass balls, m …
xiros® pillow block bearings, ESTM, self-adjusting, stainless ste …