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Maintenance-free polymer plain bearings in fluid engineering


Dear customers,

On this website we would like to tell you about the the application of lubricant-free and maintenance-free iglidur® plastic plain bearings in fluid engineering.
Hydraulic and pneumatic components give machinery and equipment power, precision, speed and dynamics. The demands on the installed machine elements are correspondingly high.
The range of uses for iglidur® plain bearings, igubal® spherical bearings and drylin® linear bearings in fluid engineering is constantly increasing.
They also prove themselves in fittings and valves. From simple linear movements through to quickly rotating applications in the medium, they provide a high wear and abrasion resistance, plus chemical and temperature resistance as well as freedom from maintenance in dry operations.

Current News 2015 for fluid engineering

36-month guarantee … for chainflex®

With our unique igus® guarantee for ALL chainflex® cables we are providing predictable security for 36 full months

36-month guarantee … for chainflex®    

… lubrication-free endurance runner

Specially developed for fast continuous operation under low loads, iglidur® L500, inter alia, is intended for fan and electric motor applications.

… lubrication-free endurance runner    

Products for fluid engineering

Polymer bearings for wet environments or with high temperature and chemical resistance
Piston rings  
Piston rings
for linear, pivoting and rotating movements


Easy assembly

Low-price injection-molded part

Wear resistant

Defined clearance

No deformation by higher loads

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iglidur® J
The fast-and-slow-motion specialist

The perfect combination of wear-resistant bearings at low to medium loads and best coefficients of friction. Extreme dimension stability even in moist applications

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iglidur® X
High-tech troubleshooter

When it's hot, iglidur® X is the right solution. This is true both literally and figuratively, for instance with extreme chemicals. The interesting thing is the abrasion resistance actually increases at high temperatures.

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iglidur® A180

FDA compliant material for applications with low to medium loads in immediate environs of (or contact with) food or drugs, as well as humidity.

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iglidur® A500
Specialist in the food sector - up to 250°C - FDA compliant

FDA compliant material for applications with extremely high temperatures in the immediate vicinity of (or contact with) food.

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iglidur® H
For wet areas

Resistant to chemicals and suitable for temperatures up to 200°C. Very low coefficients of friction in association with hardened shafts.

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iglidur® H1
The continuous runner at high temperatures

iglidur® H1 is the first choice when high holding times are required in extreme environmental conditions. Ultimate wear resistance and outstanding temperature and media resistance.

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iglidur® H370:
The most suitable for wet areas

Suitable for rotary, oscillating and linear movements. Characteristics: Moisture absorption <0.1 %, saturation point in water <0.1 %, temperature range –40 to +200 °C. First choice e.g. in bottling plants.

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iglidur® UW
Underwater bearings

extremely wear resistant, cost-effective, for high speeds, with low loads, temperature range up to 90 °C, special dimensions and special designs. First choice e.g. in pump applications.

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iglidur® UW500
Underwater bearings

for high speeds, at temperatures up to 250 °C (short-term 315 °C), high chemical resistance, use in various liquids. First choice e.g. in water pumps for the automotive industry.

xiros® plastic ball bearing  

Lubricant-free polymer ball bearings, suitable for extreme environments.

Ask for special parts  
Special parts
Tailor-made solutions

Special designs and iglidur® special materials - (almost) everything is possible.

More information and services

Fluid engineering

Successful applications with igus® products from the areas of pumps, valves, fittings etc.

Outline - General information on iglidur® plain bearings  
Why iglidur®?
iglidur® lasts longer and costs less

Excellent polymers improved by precisely harmonized additions of strengthening materials and solid lubricants, tested a thousand times and proved a million times - that is iglidur®.

The igus® quality  
Quality assurance
Quality from the igus® experimental laboratory:

Over 5000 tests are conducted on plain bearings every year. Our laboratory is at your disposal, we are happy to do an individual trial according to your specifications.

More information  
Competition for plastic plain bearing applications

We are looking for applications that are distinguished by technical and commercial efficiency, boldness and creativity and produce surprising results to some extent.


You can find videos about the production process, quality assurance and possible applications here.

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