Guide rollers

Save over 60% weight
The xiros® system solutions are guide rollers with flange ball bearings made of the wear-resistant material xirodur B180. Compared to stainless steel tubes, they are around 60% lighter, have less inertia and, due to lubrication-free bearings, need less drive energy. PVC guide rollers are corrosion-free and resistant to media and extreme temperatures (-40 to +80°C) and therefore have a long service life. Moreover, they enable maintenance-free, low-friction and hygienic dry operation – without a single drop of lubricating oil.




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xiros® guide roller, aluminium tube with xirodur B180 flange ball …
xiros® guide roller, PVC tube with xirodur B180 flange ball beari …
xiros® guide roller, carbon tube with xirodur S180/F180 flange ba …