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igus® (India) Pvt. Ltd.

36/1, Sy No. 17/3, NCPR Layout, Euro School Road,

Dodda Nekkundi Indl Area, 2nd Stage, Mahadevapura Post,

Bangalore- 560048

+91 80 68127800
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igus® Robot Control plug-and-play control system

For linear robots, robolink®, delta robots, SCARAs, single axes and AGVs

  • Improved technology: movements up to 90% faster,  "smooth" function, ROS packages, Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3
  • New: manual guidance function for linear robot systems and delta robots
  • New: pre-configured projects for all igus single axes,  SCARAs and AGVs
  • New: test the new ReBeL in the software, free of charge, before purchase
  • Smooth motion with 1/256 microstepping
  • Intuitive control and programming environment with free 3D user interface
  • Programming commands like Joint, Linear, If-Then-Else, DigitalOut, Loop ...
  • Interface to remote computer via TCP/IP
  • Options: grippers can also be graphically integrated into the software
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igus® Robot Control system

Robot programming with igus Robot Control

Software for programming

Available for free

  • New: test the new ReBeL in the software, free of charge, before it is launched in the autumn of 2021
  • New: pre-programmed projects for all igus single axes, SCARAs and AGVs
  • 3D Surface
  • Intuitive operator control
  • Axis linear movements
  • Connection via Ethernet
  • Easy-to-maintain DIN rail modules

More information about the software

Tech up

Tech up

  • New: movements are now up to 90% faster thanks to more power and improved reaction times
  • New: travel profile optimised with the "smooth" function
  • New: ROS packages are available
  • New: Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3
  • Compatible with more than  50 different igus kinematic elements, such as  linear robots, delta robots, multi-axis robots, SCARAs, single axes and AGVs
  • Service for customised creation of a digital twin and single-axis kinematic elements, including remote commissioning

Cost down

Cost down

  • New: pre-configured projects for combining various single axes from the igus world
  • New: up to 50% time savings on programming thanks to the manual guidance function on linear robots systems and delta robots
  • Low assembly costs thanks to a plug-and-play solution
  • More than 100 example programmes to support programming
  • Test before investing with free igus Robot Control software
  • Customer Testing Area service: test your application, free of charge


Proof igus kinematic elements achieve higher speeds thanks to the 48V power supply



  • Software is downward compatible
  • A control system for various kinematic elements
  • Existing iRC software can be updated
  • igus® supports the circular economy of plastics and is investing in chemical recycling. Learn more about this topic at: Plastic2Oil

igus® Robot Control – ready-to-run system

What you need for a robot control system

  • Switch cabinet with a power supply unit, an emergency stop switch, and components for direct commissioning (A)
    Do you already have a switch cabinet with a power supply unit and an emergency stop switch? Then you need only the DIN rail version (B).
  • igus® robots or linear robot systems with grippers
  • Windows 10 PC/laptop
  • Safety components

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iRC scope of delivery Scope of delivery: top-hat (DIN) rail module support, top-hat (DIN) rail module stepper, top-hat (DIN) rail module digital IO, mounting brackets and cables (CAN, supply, motor connection, 24V power supply, etc.), igus® Robot Control software for Windows, documentation

New: robot programming is now even easier with manual guidance

New teach-in function: use manual guidance to establish robot movements and save them in the iRC software.


Operating instructions

Operating instructions iRC: linear robots
Operating instructions iRC: delta robots
igus Robot Control Command Preference
Operating instructions iRC: articulated arm robots
CE declaration of conformity, DIN rail module
CE declaration of conformity, switch cabinet

Technical data

Technical drawing
STEP files, iRC switch cabinet
igus Robot Control STEP data



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