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Looking for spectacular solutions in plastic plain bearing applications07-11-2018

The manus award goes into the ninth anniversary – Apply now!

What do an exoskeleton, an electric manipulator arm and a research project on space junk have in common? Plastic plain bearings are used in all three applications and all were chosen as winning applications at the last manus award, which motion plastics specialist igus promotes every two years. Now the starting signal has been given for the application phase for the next edition. The winners will receive prize money of up to 5,000 euros.

Clean and quick guiding: New lightweight xiros guide rollers from igus31-10-2018

Guide rollers with plastic ball bearings and fully-enclosed design ensure hygiene and easy, tool-free installation In the food and packaging industry, machine builders are increasingly turning to clean and hygienic plastic solutions. igus has developed complete solutions for film and label guide rollers, consisting of various tube materials and polymer ball bearings with flange. The lightweight systems are now available with a fully-enclosed side. In addition, installation of the new rollers is much easier than before.

Fast and reliable data exchange with new CAN bus cable from igus24-10-2018

New chainflex cable for CAN systems with PVC or PUR outer jacket, approved for the Russian market Bus systems are increasingly being used in automation, as they ensure fast and reliable data exchange, save space and therefore money. To meet these needs, igus has developed a new CAN bus cable for highly dynamic energy chain applications, such as in machine tools. This is available with either highly abrasion-resistant PVC or oil-resistant PUR outer jackets. Both cable options have EAC and CTP approvals, simplifying trade with the Russian market.

Safely guided in any orientation: new igus e-chain concept with dynamic pins16-10-2018

igus has developed the lokchain energy chain with extending and retracting pins for new machine design concepts

The goal of the new lokchain energy supply system from igus is to automatically increase the operational reliability. This has the potential to reinvent power, data and media supply in many dynamic applications. Automatically extending pins hold the e-chain securely in the guide, allowing completely new solutions in vertical, hanging or circular movement applications.

Clean guidance: New igus liner with FDA and EU conformity for linear systems29-08-2018

The company igus is expanding its range of liners with the FDA and EU-compliant high-performance plastic iglidur A160 Linear guide systems from igus ensure the precise and quick adjustment of machines in the food and beverage industry. Integrated, maintenance-free and wear-resistant liners used in the carriages enable the linear guides to glide without lubrication. The company igus has now developed an FDA and EU-compliant liner made from the high-performance plastic iglidur A160, which is particularly suitable for the special hygienic requirements of the food industry. It is particularly characterised by its long service life on FDA and EU-compliant stainless steel shafts and in wet areas.

Changing liners the clever way with drylin W replacement bearings from igus22-08-2018

Unlimited service life of drylin linear rails thanks to the new Exchange solution, a new kind of lubrication-free bearing. The motion plastics specialist relies on liners made of high-performance polymers to ensure that igus linear guides slide silently and precisely. In order to make changing them even easier in extreme situations, igus has now developed a new replacement bearing. Unlock bearing, push liner out and replace it. The principle of the drylin W Exchange bearing is very simple. With the help of a free mounting tool, the liners can be replaced directly on the linear rail in just a few seconds. The maintenance company is thus able to save time and money.

igus introduces the next generation of intelligent cable15-08-2018

The CF.Q module checks and evaluates cable data in real mode and notifies when replacement is required in good time The company igus has advanced its intelligent cable. The experience of customers in the automotive and machine tool industries provided important insights into the development of this new generation. The new CF.Q module in combination with isense uses the new potentials of digitisation and networking to make maintenance easier and more efficient, thereby saving money.

Clean winner: igus e-skin receives Fraunhofer clean technology award08-08-2018

2nd prize of the "Clean! 2018" award for the e-skin modular corrugated tube with ISO Class 1 igus has developed the e-skin for the energy supply sector in clean production areas. It provides systems with data, media and energy without generating airborne particles through friction above the strict limit, which could contaminate the room. The improved corrugated hose for cleanroom applications received the 2nd prize in the Fraunhofer clean technology award, which was presented on 6 February 2018.

Easy clip with K230: New iglidur material for smart plain bearing designs01-08-2018

The company igus introduces tribo-plastic especially for lubrication-free and maintenance-free clip and flanged bearing If the user is looking for a safe lubrication-free bearing, then igus offers a wide range of solutions: In addition to the extensive catalogue product range for cylindrical standard plain bearings, these also include the so-called clip and flanged bearings. These are used because of their ease of installation and design, especially in sheet metal feedthroughs. In order to withstand high edge loads even under extreme conditions, igus has now developed a new material. The wear-resistant material iglidur K230 is highly elastic, chemical resistant and withstands moisture influences.

Solar protection for plain bearings: new igus material with enhanced UV resistance25-07-2018

New long-lasting high-performance plastic iglidur J UV for lubrication-free solar technology Today, plain bearings are not only used as simple press-fit bearings but also increasingly in special forms, and in some instances such as in the solar industry, they are exposed to UV radiation for long periods of time. For such special applications, igus has the long-lasting high-performance plastic iglidur J in its product range. The advanced development of this product is iglidur J UV. The new material distinguishes itself with very good UV resistance and benefits from the low coefficients of friction and wear as well as the moisture resistance.

Ready for the future: Digital innovation with tribo-plastics from igus18-07-2018

Cologne company igus GmbH increases its sales by 17 per cent to 690 million euros motion plastics continue to be in demand worldwide. In 2017 igus GmbH increased its sales by 17 per cent to 690 million euros. At the same time, significant investment was made in product innovation, delivery capability and digitisation. The Cologne supplier will continue on this path in 2018 in order to help its customers be even more competitive in the global environment.

A matter of cleanliness: pool cleaner with xiros ball bearings ensures a clean floor11-07-2018

Radial deep groove ball bearings from igus grant pool cleaners a steady and powerful underwater operation When the summer months arrive, it's time to get the pool in the garden back in shape. But pool lovers know one problem: the dirt of leaves and moss accumulating over the winter months is difficult to remove. The Poolwonder Turbo XL now provides a remedy. The xiros radial deep groove ball bearings from igus allow a smooth operation. The lubrication-free and maintenance-free polymer ball bearings are impressive for their light weight, long service life and corrosion resistance.

Showdown in the test lab: plastic ball bearings compete against metal bearings in the salt water test04-07-2018

The test winner xiros is up to 60 percent lighter and 40 percent more cost-effective than the metallic version In Cologne, the company igus operates the world's largest test laboratory for plastics in moving applications. More than 12,000 tribological tests are conducted every year at the motion plastics specialists. These include tests that investigate the use of a wide variety of materials in the most varied environments in real test. This time: xiros flanged ball bearings and metal bearings in salt water. The use of lubrication-free and maintenance-free tribo-plastics enabled the xiros bearing to be completely convincing in the experiment.

Sliding easy with wear-resistant tribo-tape liners from igus20-06-2018

The company igus displays its advanced tribo-tape product range at the 2018 Hannover Messe As a sliding surface, the tribo-tape reduces abrasion during linear movements, allows easy sliding and reduces wear. The film is also already being used as edge protection and product protection by lining metal parts in packaging systems or conveyor systems. The iglidur tribo-tapes are tribologically optimised, which makes them extremely resistant to wear compared to standard materials. At the 2018 Hannover Messe, igus showed its range of tribo-tape films with new sizes and advanced adhesive backing.