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New igus xiros ball bearing materials stand up to chemicals and temperatures of 150°C05-06-2023

More reliability in the chemical and semiconductor industries with the xirodur F500 cage material or zirconium oxide balls

Things are heating up, especially in battery production for the automotive industry. Machines and systems have to withstand temperatures above 100°C and aggressive chemicals. For more machine reliability and less maintenance, igus has developed the lubrication-free xiros A500 deep groove ball bearing specifically for chemical and temperature resistance. To offer customers even more solutions, igus is adding two new materials to its range of ball bearings for high-temperature use. Users now also have access to the xirodur F500 cage material and balls made of zirconium oxide.

Still sceptical? Test the magnetic detectability of food-grade spherical bearings yourself now05-06-2023

New, free igubal Food Contact sample box - including magnet and new double joint

In the food industry, machine components have to meet very high hygiene requirements so as not to pose a safety risk. Since 2019, the motion plastics specialist igus has been offering igubal Food Contact (FC), a special spherical bearing system made from high-performance polymers that comply with FDA and EU 10/2011 for direct contact with food. The company is now expanding this product range with a new double joint. Interested parties who would like to see the advantages and quality of the igubal FC series for themselves in advance can now order a new free sample box.

In future, gas heating will remain off23-05-2023

Machine Heat Recovery System from igus heats industrial factories using waste coolant water - a concept free for all to use

Engineers from igus are now using a simple technology for heat recovery. It heats industrial factories with the waste coolant water from machines, saving on gas costs and CO2 emissions. igus is making the technology available online, with all the details available to other industrial companies. If all injection moulders worldwide were to use this technology, over 1 million tons of CO2 and over 548 million cubic metres of gas could be saved.

Maximum safety in battery production: first certified energy chain for the dry cleanroom23-05-2023

Test passed with the best possible result: E6.29 from igus receives innovative dry cleanroom certificate from Fraunhofer IPA for ISO Class 4

Whenever the highest hygiene standards are required, igus scores high with lubrication-free and abrasion-resistant plastic components for movement. In particular, battery production for tomorrow's mobility requires special environmental conditions, which are achieved through the combination of dry rooms and cleanrooms. The Fraunhofer IPA has developed a new type of certificate for precisely these requirements. The E6.29 energy chain from igus is the very first cable guide system that has been tested under dry cleanroom conditions and has now been certified with ISO Class 4.

Clean, safe, lubrication-free: igus presents the hygienic design linear guide23-05-2023

A self-draining design, iglidur high-performance plastic and stainless steel ensure an exceptionally hygienic linear guide

Cleaning with chemicals is a daily occurrence for machines in the food processing industry. Even the smallest blind spot can collect moisture and can lead to contamination within the machine. More and more operators are therefore designing parts with an emphasis on Hygienic Design. igus is a member of the EHEDG and has developed the first linear guide system, based on the Hygienic Design guidelines. Using FDA-compliant materials such as the high-performance polymer iglidur A160, high-alloy stainless steel and a washable interior of the carriage ensures the hygienic design is adhered to.

igus motion plastics put the classic air hockey game back in the limelight11-05-2023

Lubrication-free drylin linear guides and dryspin lead screws ensure precise drilling of air holes

igus energy supply, the only one of its kind in the world, makes jib cranes safer11-05-2023

Space-saving, durable and cost-effective: guidelok swing is to establish itself as an alternative to classic festoons

Energy and data cables hanging from jib cranes often pose a great risk. Careless movement of loads, forklifts or other slewing crane systems in the immediate vicinity can cause them to become entangled and torn off. igus has therefore developed the guidelok swing, the only energy supply system of its kind in the world. It can be installed directly in the T-beam contour, and a special rocker system allows it to be used for long beam lengths cost-effectively with little wear. This significantly increases operational safety.

Enjoyneering: igus drives engineering forward with 190 physical and digital new products11-05-2023

“Unleash your engineering power with play” – the latest motion plastics technology, lubrication-free app, low-cost automation online, and sustainable

J&M Manufacturing from the US wins the golden manus award 202311-05-2023

Four unique projects receive the international prize from igus for their creative use of lubrication-free plastic bearings

Beaming faces at J&M Manufacturing: the US company won the golden manus award 2023 at the Hannover Messe 2023. The competition honours creative projects with plastic plain bearings. This year's winner was able to impress with the sustainable and economical use of lubrication-free polymer bearings in a new type of agricultural implement. The other award winners were also in the mood to celebrate: the French company Aufratech won the silver manus award with an exoskeleton. Fiedler Maschinenbau came in third with a telescopic high-pressure cleaner for municipal vehicles. The German company Rockinger Agriculture GmbH is delighted with the green manus award for its lubrication-free ball coupling.

Play before Pay: igus increases the simplicity of Low Cost Automation with apps, metaverse and new cobots14-04-2023

igus will present next-level engineering through digital innovation at Hannover Messe 2023

igus is stepping up the pace of Low Cost Automation and making entry into automation easier and more affordable than ever before. The interaction of inexpensive hardware and digital innovation puts the future of automation within reach. Here is some evidence for this: the ReBeLmini, a cobot for 450.000 INR and the RBTXperience software for easy commercial robot programming. The virtual iguversum offers the perfect playground to get robot applications and programming up and running with ease and then make them a reality.

More wear resistance at the touch of a button: new igus online tool for polymer coating23-03-2023

The iglidur coating designer can have your heavily used components coated in just three steps

Functional surface coatings are an integral part of everyday industrial life. igus iglidur coating materials can be used to protect particularly heavily used components from wear. The lubrication-free, plastic-based powder coatings serve as a friction-optimised surface for electrically conductive components, enabling customers to greatly extend their components' service life. The iglidur coating designer makes it even easier to select the right coating.

RBTX robotics marketplace now available in 18 countries17-03-2023

Powered by igus, RBTX continues to expand international offers, making Low Cost Automation accessible in ten additional countries

igus Low Cost Automation reflects the company's determination to lower the barriers to enter into the age of automation. has been part of this effort since 2019. The robotics marketplace helps interested parties find the right automation solution for their individual application as easily, quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Previously, RBTX was available in eight countries. Now igus is expanding the range and launching the robotics marketplace in ten additional countries - with three more soon to follow.

New E4Q e-chain with extender crossbars for safe guidance of large hoses17-03-2023

A clever adapter system ensures quick and easy adjustment of the E4Q energy chain to the hose diameter

To be able to safely guide large hoses, igus has now developed a new extender crossbar design for its E4Q modular energy chain series. With the help of an adapter system, the chain can be individually adapted to the hose diameter. The tool-free E4Q opening mechanism ensures easy installation and filling of the energy supply.

An injection-moulded polymer plain bearing in just seven days16-03-2023

igus presents FastLine service with online configurator for developers in the automotive supply industry

Stressed automotive designers and buyers can breathe a sigh of relief. If they needed an injection mould for a special component suitable for series production and resistant to wear at short notice, they previously had to wait up to six weeks. Time that igus has now reduced to just seven days - with a service called FastLine. With the iglidur designer, customers can quickly order the tribo-optimised plain bearing. In just four steps, the required part is configured online and ordered from igus.

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