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Lubrication-free rod ends: plastic-metal hybrid for higher loads in the food sector11-05-2022

igubal stainless-steel rod end bearings with iglidur A160 enable lubrication-free dry operation without risk of contamination

Constant relubrication of metallic bearing points in the food industry costs time, money and increases the risk of contamination. Maintenance-free igubal spherical bearings from igus are an economical and safe alternative. Now, the motion plastics specialist is introducing a new model for higher loads. It is equipped with a stainless-steel housing, a self-lubricating polymer inner ring and a stainless-steel spherical ball. This allows for higher-load applications to be converted to future-proof tribo-technology.

From old to new: igus is making e-chain recycling even easier05-05-2022

The igus installation service will now have old energy chains collected

Since 2019, igus has been using its chainge recycling programme to give old energy chains a new life. Now, the motion plastics specialist is taking things a step further. Recycling begins at assembly. To avoid industrial waste, igus is organising return delivery of worn-out energy chains - and returning them to the material cycle.

Individual maintenance-free toothed belt disc in just 48 hours27-04-2022

igus reduces delivery time with the 3D-printing service and makes online ordering particularly easy

Many designers of special machines and prototypes are under pressure. If they urgently need custom toothed belt discs beyond off-the-shelf products, delivery often takes several weeks. A waiting time that the 3D-printing service from igus has reduced to 48 hours. Users do not have to compromise on quality. On the contrary, the test series in the igus laboratory showed a significantly longer service life of the tribo-material for laser sintering compared to milled and injection-moulded POM parts.

Linear carriage-to-go: assemble and disassemble igus linear unit in just one step21-04-2022

The new drylin concept is very easy to handle and saves a lot of time

The motion plastics specialist igus demonstrates an exciting new approach for linear carriages. A clip mechanism enables easy installation and removal from the linear guide in a matter of seconds.

Crawling through danger - robot-controlled maintenance operations with igus e-chains on board13-04-2022

Equipped with igus energy supply systems, the "Crawler" takes on lethal maintenance operations in pipelines

It undertakes work that is lethal for humans: the remote-controlled robot "Crawler" restores the inner walls of pipelines in power plants. An automation that needs to be regularly maintained in order to protect the power and data cables from the harsh environmental conditions. Here, the US manufacturer Remote Orbital Installations LLC relies on the collaboration with igus.

When speed is a must: igus FastLine delivers injection-moulded special plain bearings in 7 days08-04-2022

New production line in the in-house igus toolmaking department enables fast production of customised plain bearings

When the market demand for a product is high, then the manufacturers and their suppliers are needed. Customised parts, such as plain bearings in special shapes, have to be delivered quickly and without complications. But it is not unusual for the production of special parts by injection moulding to take several weeks. The plastics specialist igus therefore now offers its customers the FastLine Service thanks to its expanded in-house toolmaking department. Lubrication-free, polymer plain bearings in special dimensions can be delivered within a few days at cost-effective unit prices.

Record year exceeded thanks to 188,000 active customers - igus increases delivery capacity and grows by 32%24-03-2022

Customers of motion plastics products - from drive cables to gears - continued to receive a very high proportion of their orders quickly in 2021. The 2019 plan to invest in production and supply chain helped meet the surge in demand. This intense scale-up will continue until 2023, also with a view to the Ukraine conflict. The enterprise's goal gained focus: improve what moves in a CO2-neutral manner, with zero plastic waste and become "the easiest company to deal with."

With anti-crushing effect, new igus clamps reliably secure pneumatic hoses15-03-2022

With the CFX clamp, the cross section is fully maintained and prevents damage occurring due to over-tightening

Classic clamps provide strain relief for pneumatic hoses in energy chains. But if they are over tightened, the hoses can be crushed. This can lead to a loss of performance. The answer from igus: a new CFX series clamp with high holding force, which at the same time makes over-tightening impossible.

Metal out, plastic in: igus presents new tribological plain bearings for medium load range08-03-2022

iglidur M210 and M260 make bearing points on construction and agricultural machinery free of lubrication and maintenance

igus extends its range of iglidur tribological plain bearings for applications with special loads. The materials iglidur M210 and M260 are new to the range. They enable a quick changeover from thick-walled metal bearings to plastic bearings without any structural modifications. The advantage of a change is that the bearing points no longer require lubrication and are almost maintenance-free. They offer a significant time and cost advantage, especially in harsh environments in the daily operation of construction, agricultural and municipal machines.

The rotating lightning conductor: new guide roller from igus protects against sparks28-02-2022

Lubrication and maintenance-free xiros stainless steel guide roller ensures safe operation thanks to electrostatic dissipation

In the industry, sparks due to a lack of electrostatic discharge can lead to expensive breakdowns of machines and systems and worst case explosions. In order to increase protection here, igus has expanded the range of lubrication and maintenance-free xiros guide rollers to include a dissipative variant made of stainless steel.

Lubrication-free igus linear axis in hygienic design for clean use in food technology17-02-2022

drylin ZLW toothed belt axis with FDA-compliant materials can be cleaned quickly and is maintenance-free thanks to tribopolymer technology

The time-consuming cleaning of machines leads to longer and expensive downtimes in many companies in the food industry. To reduce this effort, igus is now launching a ready-to-connect toothed belt axis on the market, which is constructed according to the guidelines of hygienic design. It relies on FDA-compliant materials and the advantages of the lubrication-free and maintenance-free high-performance plastics from the motion plastics specialist.

Click and done! Adjust igus slewing ring bearings quickly and precisely10-02-2022

iglidur PRT slewing ring bearing locking function eliminates time-consuming adjustments

Pull the spring bolt, turn the bearing and snap it into place: With a new locking mechanism, igus is expanding the functionality of its lubrication-and maintenance-free PRT-04 series slewing ring bearings for tight installation spaces. This saves time during adjustment in applications such as assembly tables and control panels.

Fit with plastic: igus plain bearings adjust weights in new fitness equipment03-02-2022

Lubrication-free and durable iglidur G plain bearings used in the functional training device "armbar" from Atlas In Gym Neering

In order to achieve a stronger muscles and body core, more and more athletes rely on functional training. One piece of equipment that combines leverage and pendulum strength is the armbar from Atlas In Gym Neering. It was developed by two competitive athletes and is suitable as a compact and cost-effective multifunctional device. For a safe bearing arrangement of the barbell, the engineers relied on durable and lubrication-free igus plain bearings made of iglidur G.

Passed the IPA test! Three-layered e-skin flat energy chain gets Cleanroom Class 124-01-2022

The modular alternative to ribbon cable proves its freedom from particles in the Fraunhofer test

Particle-free energy chains are required to guide cables and hoses safely in cleanrooms. igus developed the e-skin flat, a modular design, a cost-effective alternative to ribbon cables. In the Fraunhofer cleanroom test, the energy supply system has proved its freedom from particles in accordance with ISO Class 1 not only as a single-layer, but also as a three-layered ready-to-connect energy chain system.

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