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Advancing research: igus is a new member of the Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V.08-10-2020

Tested chainflex Profinet cables ensure reliable data transfer in moving applications Profinet is the world's leading Ethernet-based communication solution for industrial automation. Because even large volumes of data can be transferred quickly and safely thanks to real-time communication. In order to advance the research of Profinet technology in moving applications, igus has now joined the Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V. as a cable specialist.

Maintenance according to the traffic light principle: smart drylin linear guide from igus01-10-2020

New intelligent solution for the predictive maintenance of the drylin W linear systems The drylin linear guide systems have to withstand extreme conditions in continuous operation or even in abrasive environments. In order to have the linear guides slide without lubricant, igus relies on linear bearings made of high-performance polymers. But when should I change the bearing? The new smart linear carriage from igus helps here. In accordance with the traffic light principle "stop when red, go when green", the maintenance technician receives information about the maintenance requirement at the push of a button.

Industry meets furniture technology: drylin linear rails for a sliding extension27-09-2020

Lubrication-free linear guides from igus provide additional storage space in trainee carpentry pieces Two pieces of furniture made by budding carpenters from Bergisch Gladbach demonstrates that industrial design combined with a Scandinavian look makes for unique furniture. Because they have that certain something extra, not only visually, but also functionally. This is ensured by lubrication-free drylin sliding linear guides - known by the industry. They allow smooth and maintenance-free movements in a bedside table with a linear guided element as well as in a coffee table with a pull-out unit.

igus opens digital innovations trade show 202028-05-2020

More than 100 motion plastics innovations show how customers can save costs and improve their technology

In its virtual trade show, igus is now presenting more than 100 plastic innovations and product range additions from all areas of motion plastics. Around 400 square metres in size, the real stand is now open to visitors on the Internet and, using multimedia, provides information on the topic of "Cost down, Life up. It’s our job." The trade show is part of the digital support given to customers, whereby personal guided tours, person-to-person meetings and group meetings on the stand can be arranged.

e-spool flex: guide cables from start to end without slip ring28-05-2020

New igus cable reel with worm guide ensures more safety on operating panels and in assembly areas

Move cables safely and stow them away quickly - that is the aim of e-spool flex. The new igus cable reel can guide all cables and hoses for the transmission of energy, media and data without interruption. This increases safety at manual workstations and operating panels. For quick installation of the cable reel, the developers opted for a worm guide. The cable is inserted in a few simple steps and the e-spool flex is ready for use.

Lubrication-free adjustment: polymer rollers assist igus' hybrid linear system17-04-2020

Hybrid roller bearing with tribo-polymer sliders halves coefficient of friction in lateral position

In order to move doors, monitors or even panels, users rely on lateral installation of the linear systems. To enable the linear guides to absorb these lateral forces better, igus has now developed a new hybrid linear system. Two hybrid bearings provide low-friction adjustment with polymer rollers and tribo-polymer slide elements. Combined with an easily fit rail adapted to the new roller bearings, igus offers a cost-effective and visually appealing complete solution.

36-month guarantee on igus energy chains10-04-2020

With the online service life calculator, users can now determine the guaranteed operating time of their e-chain and obtain a certificate

Robust, lightweight and long-lasting: these are the qualities of the igus energy chains made from high-performance polymers. To ensure that users are always on the safe side, igus is now offering a 36-month guarantee on its energy chains. It is easy and quick for the customer to obtain the certificate. To do this, open the online service life calculator for e-chains and enter the dynamic specifications and the environmental conditions of the application. The online tool will then calculate the guaranteed service life of the energy chain. With one click, the customer receives the certificate by e-mail.

For a unique shopping world: igus low-cost robot in the design of your choice02-04-2020

Custom design robolink robot arm ensures fast automation and a new shopping experience

From industrial use, robots are increasingly finding their way into the retail trade. There they ensure rapid automation of processes and are also a real eye-catcher. Users place high demands on design and reliability at a cost-effective price. For this reason, igus is now offering its low-cost robot - robolink DP - consisting of high-performance polymers, in custom design.

Video: connect digitally, consult personally: virtual visitor service from igus26-03-2020

Spice in motion! igus linear guides for a quick movement in spice vending machine18-03-2020

The young engineers support (yes) programme, supports a student project at EMAG LaserTec GmbH with drylin W linear systems

Curry instead of cola! Five students from Heubach, together with engineers and trainees from EMAG LaserTec GmbH, developed a vending machine especially for packaged spices. In order to deliver the salt, curry and pepper cans quickly from the compartments, they used igus drylin W linear guides. They ensure that the machine moves quickly, smoothly and without lubricants.

Urmel's lubrication-free return to the ice13-03-2020

igus polymer plain bearing technology helps amphibious vehicles to travel 4,000 kilometres under the most adverse conditions

Defrosting glaciers and declining fish stocks are just two examples of the effects of climate change in Alaska. In order to raise awareness of the issue among the population and to promote alternative drives, the Hoepner brothers from Berlin are developing their amphibious vehicle "Urmel". They want to travel across Alaska with it. In order for Urmel to be able to drive over hill and dale and ice and snow, light and wear-resistant bearings are required. With the support of igus, the young inventors opted for lubrication-free iglidur tribo-polymers.

When plastic becomes oil again: igus invests in chemical recycling pioneer06-03-2020

Cat-HTR technology developed by a German scientist regains resources from plastic waste in 20 minutes

Renewable, sustainable and waste-reducing: these are the aims underpinning Cat-HTR (Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor) technology. It can be used to recycle plastic waste within 20 minutes. The oil obtained can be used again to make new polymer products. In order to support the circular economy of plastics, igus has now invested €4.7 million in a company that plans to start up the first commercial Cat-HTR plant.

Lubrication-free igus telescopic guide for hygienic pull-out drawers27-02-2020

New maintenance-free and compact drylin NT telescopic rail withstands loads up to 180N Using the new lubrication-free, lightweight and durable drylin NT-60 telescopic rail from igus, drawers with a length of up to 2,000 millimetres can be operated quietly in medical systems or laboratory automation. For this, igus relies entirely on wear-resistant and easy-to-clean iglidur tribo-polymers for the sliding elements.

Rotary movements up to 7,000 degrees in extremely small spaces with twisterband HD13-02-2020

Rotate cables and hoses for energy, data and media at high speeds safely and without interruption igus has developed the twisterband HD so that cables and hoses can be guided safely and reliably even during rotary movements. The lightweight energy chain is very stable, easy to fill and can even cope with rotating speeds of up to 180 degrees a second. It rotates around its own axis. Due to the long service life of the series, igus has now added two further sizes to the twisterband HD product range, these new sizes being intended for especially small installation spaces.