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Ready for direct connection: igus hybrid cable for new motor generation07-01-2021

Harnessed readycable for the e-chain transmits energy and data securely in a compact installation space In order to supply modern motors with energy and data, users need appropriate cables that function dependably even at high accelerations and on long travels. Especially for use in motion, igus has now developed a hybrid cable that is offered as a drive solution for the new Bosch Rexroth motors. It combines energy and data cable in one and is therefore also suitable for compact installation spaces. igus offers the cable as a fully harnessed readycable that is accurate to the centimetre. This saves the user costs.

Energy and data transmission rolled out and connected in under 60 minutes03-12-2020

Revolutionary autoglide 5 system from igus does not need a guide trough Guiding energy safely on long travels and at a low cost: this was the goal behind the development of the autoglide 5 from igus. The new energy chain system is specifically designed for horizontal use in intralogistics and on crane systems. The special feature: the energy supply is quickly installed, as it does not require a guide trough. Instead, it lies on a steel wire rope held in place by the e-chain contour.

Safety at high speed with the igus e-chain system in the linear motor robot26-11-2020

Side-mounted energy chain from igus, ensures reliable energy supply in high-speed lightweight linear robots Twice as fast and half as heavy: this is what makes the linear motor robot from FIBRO LÄPPLE TECHNOLOGY (FLT) different from other solutions. In order for the linear robot to be able to get production up and running quickly and reliably, a compact, durable and quiet energy supply was required. A side-mounted igus energy chain system with pre-harnessed chainflex cables proved to be the optimal solution.

Stereo instead of mono: igus offers customers a high degree of design freedom with 2-component 3D printing19-11-2020

Two filaments can be joined together in a single production step to form a lubrication-free and highly stable component Prototypes, spare parts, tools and small batches: 3D printers of the Cologne-based plastics specialist igus now also produce components with various filaments. Different material properties can be easily combined in this 2-component 3D printing. For example, 3D printing can be used to produce components that require both special rigidity and high wear resistance. This gives companies more freedom and flexibility in design.

A good combination: new linear and pivot guide from igus12-11-2020

drylin W linear guide with a PRT slewing ring bearing provides sliding and rotating adjustments The new design study from igus can move linearly and rotate simultaneously. With the drylin W linear/pivot guide, armrests, trays and control panels on seats and armchairs, for example, can be easily adjusted as the user pleases. What previously had to be laboriously put together by the customer, is now ready for final assembly. In addition, the lubrication-free polymer sliding elements ensure quiet movements.

Guaranteed to be particle-free, unique igus cleanroom laboratory for ISO Class 1 components29-10-2020

New test laboratory built by the Fraunhofer IPA accelerates development of cost-effective and particle-free motion plastics In semiconductor manufacturing, components such as energy chains and cables must meet the highest standards regarding their release of particles. In order to be able to develop new motion plastics that are suitable for use in cleanrooms, the Fraunhofer IPA, working as a development and certification partner on behalf of igus, has now designed and built a tailor-made cleanroom laboratory with an ISO Class 1 cleanroom system in Cologne. With the new lab, customer tests and the development of new products by the plastics specialist can be carried out in advance under realistic conditions in a very short time.

Double protection against dirt: felt seals for iglidur plain bearings22-10-2020

New sealing concept for additional protection of igus plain bearings and shafts in agricultural equipment and construction machinery Sand, dirt and abrasive dust can have a very adverse effect on plain bearings and shafts. For this reason, igus has now developed an additional method of protection for its lubrication-free iglidur plain bearings: seals made of felt. Simply placed on the flange of the bearing, they prevent the ingress of dirt and reduce maintenance intervals and machine failures.

50 per cent longer unsupported length: igus expands its series of YE hybrid chains15-10-2020

Quickly installed and 50 per cent lighter, energy supply series made of steel and polymer in new large sizes 50 per cent lighter than conventional steel chains and 50 per cent longer unsupported length than energy chains made of polymer: this is what is so special about the igus YE energy supply series. It consists of polymer and steel elements and is therefore especially rigid. igus has now added two new sizes to its easy-to-install series of hybrid chains in order to make it possible to safely guide large hydraulic hoses and extreme fill weights upwards on mobile crane work platforms and construction machinery.

Advancing research: igus is a new member of the Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V.08-10-2020

Tested chainflex Profinet cables ensure reliable data transfer in moving applications Profinet is the world's leading Ethernet-based communication solution for industrial automation. Because even large volumes of data can be transferred quickly and safely thanks to real-time communication. In order to advance the research of Profinet technology in moving applications, igus has now joined the Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V. as a cable specialist.

Maintenance according to the traffic light principle: smart drylin linear guide from igus01-10-2020

New intelligent solution for the predictive maintenance of the drylin W linear systems The drylin linear guide systems have to withstand extreme conditions in continuous operation or even in abrasive environments. In order to have the linear guides slide without lubricant, igus relies on linear bearings made of high-performance polymers. But when should I change the bearing? The new smart linear carriage from igus helps here. In accordance with the traffic light principle "stop when red, go when green", the maintenance technician receives information about the maintenance requirement at the push of a button.

Industry meets furniture technology: drylin linear rails for a sliding extension27-09-2020

Lubrication-free linear guides from igus provide additional storage space in trainee carpentry pieces Two pieces of furniture made by budding carpenters from Bergisch Gladbach demonstrates that industrial design combined with a Scandinavian look makes for unique furniture. Because they have that certain something extra, not only visually, but also functionally. This is ensured by lubrication-free drylin sliding linear guides - known by the industry. They allow smooth and maintenance-free movements in a bedside table with a linear guided element as well as in a coffee table with a pull-out unit.

Keep on trucking! igus presents new IAA utility vehicle products in a live show17-09-2020

igus experts will show how motion plastics can reduce costs and improve technical performance in the automotive area.

chainflex bus cables save costs with new 300V UL approval10-09-2020

10 times higher UL voltage provides design freedom in the assignment of the energy chain By increasing the voltage to 300V, users can now install the chainflex bus cables directly next to cables with a higher voltage level. Previously, all cables with different voltage classes had to be laid separately according to the specifications of the UL testing organisation. With the new, enhanced and UL-approved voltage class, the user optimises their technology and saves costs and time for the energy chain design.

Fast and lubrication-free: new xiros film guide roller for labelling technology03-09-2020

Black guide roller with smooth-running polymer ball bearings saves up to 48 per cent weight and 42 per cent mass inertia They divert films or labels: guide rollers with ball bearings. Mainly used, so far, in clear anodised aluminium, the new black guide roller from igus now provides a real sensation in packaging and labelling technology. The ready-to-install system is convincing not only visually, but also technically. It consists of black anodised aluminium tubes and maintenance-free, smooth-running xiros polymer ball bearings.