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xiros® deep groove ball bearings

The single-row xiros deep groove ball bearings are polymer ball bearings in accordance with DIN 625 and belong to the family of rolling bearings as the most well-known of many types. What are radial ball bearings? They are largely used to absorb radial loads - at high speeds. In exceptional cases, they are also suitable for the absorption of small axial forces. This is made possible by the rolling elements that lie close against the running grooves of the bearing. Are you specifically looking for deep groove thrust bearings? Take a look here.
What is the composition of a radial deep groove ball bearing?
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Like other rolling bearings, our lubrication-free and maintenance-free bearings consist of four components. However, different polymer versions of the two rings - the inner ring and the outer ring - are offered in order to do justice to the most varied of customer requirements . The bearing cage must also be adapted to the respective ambient conditions. Our ball bearings are fitted with stainless-steel, glass or polymer balls.

xirodur B180

xiros® B180 deep groove ball bearing

The all-rounder: the open deep groove ball bearing

  • Cost-effective
  • Lowest wear
  • Dirt-resistant

Buy the B180 single-row deep groove ball bearing

xirodur S180

xiros® S180 deep groove ball bearing

Cost-effective and dirt-resistant

  • Temperatures from -40 °C to +80 °C possible
  • Polyamide cage
  • For visible parts

Buy the S180 deep groove ball bearing

xirodur C160

xiros® C160 deep groove ball bearing

Chemical resistance

  • Temperature range from 0°C to +60°C
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Polypropylene cage

Buy C160 deep groove ball bearings

xirodur A500

Heat-resistant xiros® A500 deep groove ball bearing

For high temperatures

  • Temperature range with PEEK cage from -100°C to +150°C
  • Temperature range with PA cage -40 °C to +120°C
  • Smooth operation

Buy the A500 deep groove ball bearing

xirodur D180

xiros® D180 deep groove ball bearing

High speeds

  • Speed limit up to 5,500rpm depending on the installation size
  • Balls made of stainless steel
  • Polypropylene cage

Buy the D180 deep groove ball bearing

xirodur F180

xiros® F180 deep groove ball bearing


  • Temperature range from -40°C to +80°C
  • Polyamide or polyethylene cage
  • Stainless steel balls

Buy the F180 deep groove ball bearing

Service life calculator for xiros® ball bearings

Find the right bearing in just a few steps

Calculate the service life

You only need to enter a few details of your application in the online igus ball bearing tool to obtain an overview of all suitable xiros ball bearings. In addition, you will find out the anticipated service life of the ball bearings based on your application data. Change your old rolling bearing now and place your trust in xiros.

Find and order the right deep groove ball bearing now

FDA-compliant and detectable deep groove ball bearings

The M180 is suitable for the food sector

Detectable deep groove ball bearings from xirodur M180 can be used in areas that come into contact with food. The material is extremely dirt-resistant and suitable for temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +80 °C.

Buy the M180 deep groove ball bearing
FDA-compliant xiros® M180 deep groove ball bearing

Deep groove ball bearings with flange

Flange from one or both sides

  • Different installation sizes
  • Materials: xirodur B180, S180, F180
  • Suitable for xiros guide rollers

Buy deep groove ball bearings with flange
Deep groove ball bearings with flange xiros®

Deep groove ball bearings with spherical diameter

Rings made from xirodur B180

  • Use in skewed, curved or twisted profiles
  • Prevents edge stress
  • Polyamide cage

Buy spherical deep groove ball bearing
Deep groove ball bearings with spherical outer diameter xiros®

Composition of our radial deep groove ball bearings

Composition of a xiros® deep groove ball bearing

1. outer ring
2. inner ring
3. cage
4. balls as rolling elements

Outer ring & inner ring

The suitability of a xiros bearing according to DIN 625 is crucially determined by the materials of the two rings. They are made of igus tribo-polymers in order to maximise their service life and minimise friction. There are diverse materials to choose from. They allow different values for application temperature, media resistance and price. The table of materials provides exact information.

The balls

The ball materials differ most significantly. In addition to steel, glass or polymers are used. This produces a large difference in mass, which in turn affects inertia, weight and chemical resistance. Stainless-steel balls are cost-effective and resistant to chemicals but are also the heaviest type. Glass balls are used to give a metal-free solution. They are also very resistant to chemicals and have an average weight. Polymer balls have significant advantages in terms of weight, mass and quietness during use. Depending on the polymer used, the balls can have excellent chemical resistance.

  • ES stainless steel (1.4401)
  • GL glass (soda-lime glass)
  • PAI plastic "PAI"
  • POM plastic "POM"

The cage

The material of the bearing cage must also match the application. These materials are also very different as regards their resistance to chemicals and temperature fluctuations/extremes. Within the xiros bearing product range, the cages are already perfectly matched to the materials of the inner and outer rings.

Further types of our radial deep groove ball bearings:

  • Convex rollers which can run directly on a profile
  • Profiled rollers, e.g. for thread/cable guidance
  • Axial and slewing ring bearings for the absorption of axial loads.
  • Multi-axis bearings for linear and radial movements
  • Ball bearings designed e.g. for installation in tube ends (also for guide rollers)
  • Double-row bearings for absorbing higher forces

Successful applications of our customers

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In the industry's largest test laboratory, xiros ball bearings are put through their paces.

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