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Lead screw driven actuators

drylin® linear axes with lead screw drive are designed for positioning tasks of all kinds. Linear adjustment is with trapezoidal lead screws of different sizes or high helix lead screws that can be set in motion either manually or electrically.

The maximum travel speed is up to 1.6m/min, depending on thread and load. Stroke length is freely selectable for any linear drive system. A plain-bearing-mounted lead screw has a maximum stroke of 1,500mm, a ball-bearing-mounted one 1,000mm.

drylin® SLW linear axes

SLW linear axes

  • Linear axes based on drylin W guides
  • Drive: trapezoidal or high helix thread
  • Torsion-resistant double shaft systems
  • Many carriage and rail options
  • Manual and motorised adjustments possible

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drylin® SAW linear axes

SAW linear axes

  • Linear axes based on drylin W guides
  • Drive: trapezoidal or high helix thread
  • Robust design
  • Ready-to-install with stepper or DC motors
  • Ball bearing

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drylin® SHT linear axes

Linear axes SHT

  • Drive: Trapezoidal or high-helix lead screws
  • Lead screw drives with plain ball bearings
  • Lead screws made from steel, stainless steel or aluminium
  • Carriage in either quad block or compact design
  • Configurable online

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drylin® SLN/SLNV linear axes

Miniature linear axis SLN/SLNV

  • Based on drylin N low-profile linear guide
  • Drive: Trapezoidal or high helix lead screw
  • Compact design
  • Clearance adjustment on carriage
  • Precise with pre-load

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drylin® linear axes SET

Single-tube linear axis SET

  • Lubrication-free single-tube adjustment
  • Drive: trapezoidal thread
  • Simple, smooth design
  • Low weight due to aluminium and polymer
  • Temperature-resistant up to +50°C

More about single-tube axes easytube
drylin® SLT linear axes

Low-profile SLT linear axes

  • Based on drylin T miniature guides
  • Drive: Trapezoidal or high helix lead screw
  • Low-profile and compact design
  • Carriages with individually adjustable clearance
  • Variable lead screw options

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drylin® E drive technology tools for online configuration

In just a few steps to the harnessed drive system

The drive technology online configurator gives you the right drive technology system after you enter your requirements. You also have the option of requesting or ordering motors and other accessories, such as the motor control system.

  • Fast and easy configuration
  • Optional accessories
  • Detailed parts list
  • Fast delivery

Configure drive technology system now
Drive technology configurators

Easily configure an SHT lead screw linear system online

The SHT Designer enables you to configure a custom SHT lead screw linear system in just a few steps. You can also configure a custom drive pin (optional). A 3D model of the linear system is created automatically.

  • The linear system can be exported in many different 2D and 3D formats
  • 2D dimensional drawing of the assembly (PDF)
  • Complete parts list available as PDF download
  • And many more

Configure an SHT linear module now

Quiet operation

Quiet operation



Format adjustment

Suitable for format adjustment

Temperature-resistant up to +150°C

0-150 degrees Celsius

FDA compliance

FDA compliance where necessary



Find out more about linear axes with lead screw drive here


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