iglidur® bearings expert

iglidur plain bearings expert  

By entering just a few details of your application in the iglidur® plain bearing expert, you will get an overview of suitable parts from 51 iglidur® materials.

Calculation of the anticipated service life for each article

Price and delivery time are displayed for the selected product

Display of the appropriate shaft with price and delivery time

Calculation of the anticipated service life with alternative shaft materials

Simply transfer to the shopping-basket, from batch size 1

Order your free sample

Easy access to the online catalogue or CAD data

Save and download your individual configurations

Also suitable for iPad

Now available:

6 new materials can be calculated: iglidur® A160, G1, HSD350, Q290, RW370 and UW160

Calculation of the anticipated service life now also possible for the 3D materials I180 and I3

iglidur plain bearings expert  

Better bearings, predictable

Entering the application parameters gives you the expected service life for iglidur® plain bearings..

A host of new features

Even easier, faster product selection and service-life calculation

Only 7 clicks and 4 entries generate a servicelife result

The selection can be refined further by providing additional information.

Select from 41 iglidur® materials

Suitable iglidur® materials can be updated with each entry

Material selection can be sorted by service-life or price

Price and delivery time is indicated for each article

The matching shaft is indicated with price and delivery time

Easy transfer to the shopping cart

Free sample request

Additional info, such as 3D-CAD data, technical material data, on-line catalog, etc.


It can be used on the iPad and will soon be available as an iPad app from iTunes.

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