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New triflex TRX energy supply system revolutionises 3D motion of robots17-06-2021

Telescopic triflex TRX energy chain from igus saves space on the robot and ensures a retraction length of up to 40 per cent To ensure that cables on industrial robots can be guided in motion safely, easily and compactly, igus has now developed the four-dimensional triflex TRX energy chain. The new design study replaces classic robot hose packages and retraction systems. Special feature: 40 per cent retraction length ensured by a unique telescopic mechanism inside the chain. This allows users to save space on the third axis of their robot, up to 83 per cent weight and high costs for retraction systems.

4K for 3D: igus offers multi-material printing for multifunctional components10-06-2021

The motion plastics specialist continues to expand its 3D printing capacities for durable, wear-resistant and complex components If a component is to have several properties, it usually has to be manufactured in several steps. But such production can quickly become cost-intensive for small quantities. It is precisely for this reason that igus now offers multi-material printing with up to four materials. This allows multifunctional and wear-resistant special parts to be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively in just one step. To this end, igus has further expanded its 3D printing capacities and its range of materials for the FDM process.

Printed, machined and now also injection moulded: wear-resistant polymer gears from igus03-06-2021

igus offers the cost-effective production of lubrication-free gears with in-house injection moulding Gears made of polymer ensure power transmission in countless applications - whether in fully automatic coffee machines or in actuators. Specifically for the production of wear-resistant and durable gears in high volumes, igus now offers production with injection moulding in addition to mechanical processing from bar stock and additive manufacturing. The user has the possibility to use the large variety of lubrication-free iglidur materials from igus.

A clean performance: igus wins the REINER! Award for modular cleanroom chain27-05-2021

Fraunhofer Purity Technology Award goes to the particle-free and compact e-skin flat energy supply system High-purity manufacturing environments ensure that electronics also function safely in everyday life. In order for manufacturers to produce in cleanrooms, particle-free machine elements are required. Every year, the Fraunhofer Institute honours the most innovative developments with the REINER! Award. The motion plastics specialist igus is very pleased with the 2nd place award for its e-skin flat energy supply chain. The alternative to the flat belt guide is compact, modular and has cleanroom class 1. The cables can be easily inserted into the chain using the zipper principle and can be quickly replaced in the event of maintenance.

Lightweight and lubrication-free iglidur plain bearings make catamarans fly20-05-2021

The iFLY15 sports sailboat won the silver manus award in 2019 – 582 entries for polymer plain bearing award 2021 Sailboats that lift themselves completely out of the water as if by magic. Sounds like a dream, but it is reality. The iFLY15 sports catamaran from CEC Catamarans GmbH lets the sailor fly over the water. For the automatic flight control system, the developers relied on the lubrication-free, lightweight and corrosion-free igus plain bearing technology. An innovative project that won the silver manus award in 2019. The winners of this year's award for the best plain bearing technology application were chosen by the jury from over 580 entries on 9 March 2021.

FastConnect cable from igus reduces harnessing time by 46 per cent13-05-2021

New flexible chainflex Profinet cable saves time-consuming stripping with knife and pliers igus now offers a new chainflex Profinet cable for fast cable harnessing in the field. For this purpose, igus relies on FastConnect technology, which ensures that the cable can be stripped easily in just a few steps. This allows assembly time to be reduced by 46 per cent. At the same time, the new Profinet cable has a long service life, especially in dynamic use in the energy chain, and a guarantee of up to 36 months.

igus investment paves the way for innovative plastics recycling technology29-04-2021

HydroPRS pioneer Mura Technology begins construction of the world's first commercially operated hydrothermal upgrading plastic recycling plant in the UK Use instead of waste: Hydrothermal Plastic Recycling Solution (HydroPRS), plastic waste that would otherwise pollute the environment, can be reused as a valuable raw material through chemical recycling within 25 minutes. To advance this revolutionary technology worldwide, motion plastics specialist igus is now increasing its investment in Mura Technology to around 5 million euros. Another major industrial partner, KBR, partnered with Mura in January.

Hannover Trade Show 2021: New modular gearbox kit from igus for innovative cobot ideas22-04-2021

Cost-effective, lightweight plug & play combination consisting of gearbox, encoder, controller, force control system and motor for service robotics The potential for service robotics is enormous: in kitchens and bars, in the area of nursing, or in agriculture and logistics, lightweight robots facilitate the automation of monotonous or non-ergonomic tasks. To make the implementation of such new concepts easy and, above all, cost-effective, igus is presenting a new modular gearbox kit for cobots at the Hannover Trade Show. The fully integrated tribo strain wave gear with motor, absolute-value encoder, force control system and controller is the main component of this kit.

168 motion plastics innovations from the home office15-04-2021

In a difficult environment, more innovations than last year - from the integrated robot drive up to the ball bearing with 21 times the service life igus increases the pace of innovation despite the pandemic: high investments in digitalisation, logistics and remote consulting increased online sales by 30 per cent in 2020 and mitigated the decline in sales by 4.8 per cent. The motion plastics specialist is also breaking new ground in terms of sustainability and product innovation, and will be presenting more innovations than ever before with 168 tribo-polymer products in spring 2021.

Compact rotation: igus adds to its 16mm slewing ring range08-04-2021

The space-saving PRT-04 slewing ring bearings are now available in other sizes with inner and outer tooth drive and a locking function They are compact and lightweight and show how things are done. They have been developed specifically for movement in tight spaces and give igus an entire PRT-04 modular system. The lubrication-free slewing ring bearing system comes in eight sizes. They feature outer tooth drive and angle stop (optional), and now also inner drive teeth and a locking function. This allows the design engineer to find the product needed for applications with very little installation space.

e-spool flex for continuous panel feed in industrial robots31-03-2021

ARAGON Industrieelektronik GmbH, a robotics service provider, uses a new slip ring-free igus cable unwinder A control panel forms the robot's control centre. If it is to be used flexibly, its cable must be not only several metres long, but also movable and safely stowed. To this end, igus has developed the e-spool flex. The new igus cable reel has no slip ring, so it can even supply bus signals with no interruptions. The cable can also be easily retrofitted into the system. These advantages won ARAGON over. It offers a complete cable set, consisting of e-spool flex with a standard cable and a pre-assembled panel mount, as a service for its industrial robots.

Simply off the roll: new chainflex cable box saves 84 per cent shipping costs25-03-2021

With the chainflex CASE, users can quickly and cost-effectively set up a space-saving storage system for reel goods igus has developed a new logistics solution for its special energy chain cables. With the chainflex CASE, the user directly saves several times over, because instead of delivery by a courier, the cable now comes by parcel service in a secure stackable box. This significantly reduces both shipping and storage costs. The cable can be unreeled straight from the box and cut to the desired length. A QR code on the chainflex CASE ensures that the cable can be re-ordered quickly.

Lubrication-free adjustment of heavy loads with the new igus polymer lead screw nut18-03-2021

Wear-resistant dryspin lead screw nut for heavy-duty applications cost-effectively replaces ball screws Plastic and heavy loads? This time igus proves that the combination works with a new lead screw nut design. The injection-moulded dryspin JGRM polymer nut offers a cost-effective alternative to ball screw nuts. The new lubrication-free and wear-resistant design can move heavy loads. For higher axial loads, the new lead screw nut is also available with a stainless steel plate as a "Heavy Duty version".

Suitable for the desert! igubal pillow block bearings without lubrication align solar panels11-03-2021

Extended igus solar pillow block bearing series for square profiles, impresses in laboratory tests with a service life of over 72 years To enable solar panels to generate energy efficiently, solar park operators rely on movable modules that automatically align themselves to the position of the sun and thus ensure a high energy yield. igus has developed the igubal ESQM pillow block bearing specifically for mounting the modules on square profiles and has now expanded it with two additional dimensions. Plant operators worldwide receive a lubrication-free solution, resistant to dust and dirt, whose durability has been tested in the laboratory and is guaranteed for 25 years.