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Fast and safe in Industry 4.0: with smart igus energy supply on long travels19-12-2019

New: smart plastics EC.T sensor monitors the condition of five times more abrasion-resistant high-speed polymer glide bars in e-chains High speeds on long travels are special challenges for energy chain systems on machines and plants. Therefore, igus has now developed a new glide bar made of high-performance plastics with a five times longer service life. To monitor the wear-resistant rail, users now have the smart plastics EC.T sensor. This provides regular information about the condition of the rail and sends important technical information to the maintenance engineer in good time.

Wear-resistant sliding movement in an extremely small space with iglidur tribo-polymer coating from igus12-12-2019

iglidur coating technology with igus tribo-plastics makes surfaces of metal components resistant to abrasion For lubrication-free sliding in a very small space, igus has now developed three new materials made of maintenance-free tribo-polymers as coating material for metal components such as metal sheets, valves or even shafts. This means that, for users who do not have enough space to install a plain bearing, a wear-resistant, compact and cost-effective solution is now available.

Dirt-resistant igus linear system displays wins in long jump05-12-2019

Maintenance-free drylin linear guide enables a laser to slide and ensures fast, visible top marks in the stadium In order to make the longest distance visible to the audience at the stadium during the long jump event, organisers rely on the laser projection of lines in the sand. One of them is Golden Fly Sports GmbH with its "PrimeLine System". The developers set the highest standards: All components must be robust and above all sand-resistant, but at the same time lightweight. Therefore, lubrication-free and maintenance-free drylin linear guides from igus were chosen.

50 percent lighter: the world's first modular igus hybrid chain made of steel and plastic28-11-2019

Energy supply systems made of steel and plastic easily cope with long, unsupported travels, and are openable and closable quick as a flash Safe vertical guidance of cables and hoses: igus has now developed its first plastic-steel hybrid chain for these applications. The new energy supply system, called the YE.42, is 50 percent lighter than conventional steel chains due to its high-performance polymers and provides 50 percent more unsupported lengths than plastic energy chains. The hybrid solution has a very high rigidity and is easy to assemble and maintain thanks to its modular design. Operators can rely on work platforms or vertical lifts for a safe, lightweight, cost-effective and quickly replaceable system.

7th vector award: expert jury is looking for exciting energy chain applications21-11-2019

Application phase of the 2020 vector starts at Motek While many stars and starlets can hardly wait for the spotlight of an awards ceremony, designers do not often rush into the limelight. But the jury of experts at the vector award is certain that it is precisely they and their innovations that deserve attention - after all, they shape everyday life in the industry and far beyond. That's why developers are called upon to compete for the 7th vector award with their bold and extraordinary energy chain applications.

Clean, safe, detectable: New igus tribo polymers for food contact14-11-2019

The motion plastics specialist relies on optically and magnetically recognisable materials for plain and spherical bearings Media resistance, lubrication-free and corrosion-free: these are the requirements machine components in the food industry have to meet today. In order to be able to quickly identify broken pieces in the event of damage to a system, igus has now developed two new optically and magnetically detectable materials for its plain and spherical bearings: the iglidur FC180 and igumid FC. The materials comply with FDA and EU10/2011 regulations and are therefore ideal for use in the food industry.

Surfing on tarmac with wear-resistant plain bearings from igus07-11-2019

iglidur Z and iglidur J350 high-performance plastics ensure safe bearings in an innovative skateboard The Curfboard is a new type of sports equipment that combines a surfboard and a skateboard and in the process, has to withstand extreme loads. Especially high are the demands on its moving components, including the bearings. These must be wear-resistant, resilient, maintenance-free and reliable even under the toughest "Curf" conditions. Therefore, the developers at the curfboard GmbH rely on wear-resistant plain bearings made of iglidur Z and iglidur J350 high-performance polymers from igus.

Small, compact and cost-effective: new lubrication-free toothed belt axis from igus31-10-2019

Lightweight and compact toothed belt axis ensures Low Cost Automation in the tightest of spaces Fast automation in confined installation spaces: igus has now developed an extra-compact toothed belt axis based on its flat drylin N linear system. The new axis consists of a completely standard fitment of components and is thus easily assembled within a few minutes and cost-effective. Equipped with motor and control, the new system can carry loads of up to 20 Newton and a translation of 60 millimetres per revolution.

"How long will my printed gear last?" New igus online tool predicts lead time24-10-2019

Free online expert provides concrete statements on the service life of wear-resistant 3D-manufactured gears How long will my gear last? To answer this question, igus has now developed the gear service life calculator for its 3D-printed gears made of the laser sintering high-performance plastic iglidur I3. With the new online tool, the user receives a concrete statement in a few seconds about the service life of the wear-resistant part.

World Champion with igus: Bremen robots win 2019 RoboCup in Sydney17-10-2019

The Team B-Human won the title in the international robotics competition in the Standard Platform Robots are increasingly making their presence felt not only in the industry, but also in football. At the international robotics competition - the RoboCup - in Sydney this year, the team B-Human from Bremen showed what small robots can do in the popular sport. Here, the German Standard Platform league champion could fight for the world championship title against the reigning world champion from Leipzig.

Hard on the outside, smart on the inside: igus develops world's first intelligent plain bearing10-10-2019

New smart plastics polymer bearing indicates its degree of wear in good time and prevents machine and equipment failure Plain bearings often have to withstand considerable adverse influences such as abrasive dust, high speeds or chemicals. To enable indication of the degree of wear of such plain bearings in good time, igus has now developed the world's first intelligent bearing with iglidur high-performance plastics. This warns of imminent failure in good time. Machine and equipment operators can plan maintenance, repairs and part replacement in advance.

Whisper quiet, modular cleanroom solutions from igus for the smallest of installation spaces03-10-2019

The world's first e-skin soft and e-skin flat ensure particle-free cable routing in compact and flat installation spaces For guiding cables securely and abrasion-free in cleanrooms, igus has e-skin in its product range. The energy chain for cleanroom applications has now been equipped with a softer material especially for compact installation spaces. The safe and particle-free guidance of cables can be undertaken at a low clearance height with the new e-skin soft. For very tight installation spaces, igus has also developed the e-skin flat. The new low-profile energy supply has a chamber design and is easy to fill and maintain. Both energy chains were convincing in the sound test with their very quiet operation.

iglidur Q2E: A lubrication-free world for heavy machines19-09-2019

In a test, the new high-load bearing withstands up to 130 MPa In construction machines, agricultural machines, utility vehicles and offshore installations, plain bearings often have to cope with extreme conditions such as heavy loads. igus has therefore further developed its lubrication-free two-component bearing iglidur Q2E The material iglidur Q2 ensures a tested high degree of wear-resistance, and a hard polymer shell protects the heavy-duty bearing.

No lubrication in spite of metal with maintenance-free igubal polymer spherical bearings17-09-2019

Lubrication-free igus spherical balls now available with cost-effective sheet metal housing Heavy dirt accumulation, dust and swarf are commonplace for pillow blocks and fixed flange bearings. Constant lubrication and maintenance is therefore necessary. With the injection-moulded igus spherical balls, customers can resort to a lubrication-free and maintenance-free solution for their metallic pillow blocks. igus has now developed new spherical balls made of the high-performance plastic iglidur J, specifically for cost-effective sheet metal housings. These can be mounted in seconds. The complete solution is available directly from stock.