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Delta robots for fast pick & place tasks

With two or three axes – the ideal version for any scenario

igus offers delta robots for a wide variety of tasks. The two-axis and three-axis delta robot was developed specifically for fast pick & place tasks and is delivered in four different sizes with suitable control systems. Typical drylin® delta robot applications are pick & place, conveyor belt picking, and stacking tasks in three-dimensional space. When a delta robot is equipped with a gripper or suction cup, it can complete picking tasks very quickly. Delta robots can be used for applications with precision requirements of 0.5mm with loads of up to 5kg and maximum speeds of up to 3m/s. Most of our delta are made of our tribologically optimised plastics, greatly reducing costs.

igus® delta robot tech facts


Up to 5kg load capacity


Up to 700mm reach


Up to three degrees of freedom


Speed max. 100picks/min.


Repeatability: ± 0.5mm


Ambient temperature 0-50°C

igus robot control

The free-of-cost and license-free software

igus® delta robots are compatible with the igus® Robot Control system. You can download and try out the associated software free of charge in advance. Your linear robot solution is thus very easy to program.

More about igus Robot Control
Delta robot iRC software

Delta robots in action

Current igus delta models

DLE-ZR-0001 two-axis delta robot

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DLE-DR-0050 three-axis delta robot

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DLE-DR-0001 three-axis delta robot

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