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Linear axes with toothed belt drive

The drylin linear axes with toothed belt drive are suitable for many positioning and adjustment tasks. The lubrication-free drylin W profile guide acts as a linear guide and a toothed belt acts as a drive. The stroke is individually selectable. Thanks to the lightweight design using polymer and aluminium, igus linear axes with toothed belt drive have a low mass inertia, making them highly efficient.

Both in confined installation spaces and in applications requiring high torque support, the series of linear units with toothed belt drive offer the right solution; both as a single system and in gantry designs. All drylin toothed belt axes can be ordered with ready-to-connect configurations with drylin E stepper and DC motors.

Toothed belt axis with compact type

Compact design

  • Undertakes many positioning tasks
  • Motor connection possible
  • Low-profile installation heights

More about compact type
Reverse positioning with linear axes from igus

Reverse positioning: OD series

  • Fast right/left adjustment
  • Compact with a low-profile drylin W double rail
  • With angle flange

More about the reverse linear axes
Industry-specific toothed belt axes from igus

Industry-specific range

  • For applications up to -30°C (LT)
  • For underwater use (UW)
  • For splash water contact (SW)

More about the industry-specific series
Modular axes with belt drive

Open modular system

  • Variable shaft span of 120/160/200mm
  • Lightweight with aluminium version
  • Corrosion-free stainless steel version

More about our modular axes
Cantilever axis with toothed belt drive

Cantilever axis with toothed belt drive

  • Permanently installed drive unit
  • Max. axial load: 50N
  • Lightweight

Buy cantilever axis ZAW-1040
Electrical toothed belt axis

Toothed belt axes with motor

  • Defined stroke lengths (300/500/1000mm)
  • Maintenance-free operation without external lubrication
  • Quick assembly

Buy electrical toothed belt axis
Modular axes with belt drive

Low-profile linear axis ZLN-40

  • Low-profile design, 27mm height
  • Vertical load from 30N
  • With NEMA stepper motors and EC/BLDC direct current motors

Go to low-profile linear axis ZLN-40

100% lubrication-free

100% lubrication-free

Quiet operation

Quiet operation

Slim design

Slim design

Underwater use with UW belt

Underwater use with UW belt

Specifically for continuous operation

Specifically for continuous operation


cost-effective linear axes

Advantages and disadvantages of the toothed belt drive


  • Elastic force transmission
  • Shock absorbing and quiet running
  • Large shaft distances conceivable
  • Lubrication-free
  • Minimum maintenance


  • Limited application temperature
  • Bearing is additionally loaded by belt tension
  • Belt elongation leads to slippage
  • Inaccurate gear ratio

Configurator for the drylin drive technology

Configure individual linear axes with toothed belt drive

  • Configure, align, order with suitable accessories (hand wheel, angle drives, etc.)
  • Price and delivery time display of your configuration
  • Simple transfer to shopping basket, no minimum order quantity
  • Creation of PDF reports with parts list, result of service life & individual application parameters

Product finder for the drylin drive technology

Replace liner easily and save time

With the innovative WJ200UMA pillow block from the drylin W product range, it is possible to replace the liner even more easily without having complicated disassembly work on the linear system with toothed belt drive. The supplied tool allows a replacement of the liner within seconds. This saves valuable time and costs!

  • Direct and clever maintenance on the rail
  • Wear-resistant sliding element made of iglidur J200

Buy pillow block WJ200UMA
Quick change of liner for drylin W

Cost-effective, space-saving econ toothed belt axis

The particularly low-profile drylin® ZLN-40 linear axis

  • Low-profile design, 27mm height
  • Vertical load from 30N
  • With NEMA stepper motors and EC/BLDC direct current motors
  • Delivery from 48 to 72 hours after receipt of order
Areas of use:automatic vending machines, service robotics, automation

Low-profile linear axis with toothed belt drive, drylin ZLN-40 from igus

Automation with stepper motors, direct current motors and EC/BLDC motors

For linear axes and handling technology in general, igus offers a wide range of electric motors. Hybrid stepper motors or direct current motors are used in lead screw drives, toothed belts and rack and pinion drives. The electric motors complete the igus automation technology range. Complete handling systems can be configured in combination with linear axes and toothed belt drive.

Find out more about electric motors
Ready to connect toothed belt axes

Technical data of the toothed belt axes

drylin® ZLW - Technical data

drylin® ZLW - Table of technical data

Customers application examples

Further information

Suitable entry-level models | drylin econ

Here you will find cost-effective linear modules with toothed belt drive for a wide variety of positioning tasks.

Assembly videos | drylin drive technology

Do you need help with the assembly of your toothed belt axes? Our videos show how it works.


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