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drylin® E dryve experience

If you want to automate an application, you always have plenty of choice. Which motor concept do I need for my application? Is an AC or DC motor the right choice? Do I need a synchronous or an asynchronous motor? Do I need a motor driver, a frequency converter or a motor control system to operate the motor? 
For an inexpensive entry into automation, we have specialised in permanently energised synchronous and direct current motors in the lower to medium power segments. 

These include cost-effective DC motors, precision stepper motors, and dynamic EC/BLDC motors. For these motor types, we can offer you the appropriate motor control system and support you with the selection and commissioning using the dryve experience. In the dryve experience, you will find information on applications already implemented for the respective motor control system, detailed tutorial videos of all features as well as a selection guide for the motor control system that is right for you.

drylin® D1/D2 motor control system for ST, DC and EC/BLDC motors

D1 motor control system
To drylin® D1 and D2 motor control system

drylin® D3 for direct current motors

D3 motor control system
To drylin® D3 motor control system

drylin® D7, D8 and D9 stepper motor output stage with clock/direction

D7, D8, D9
Selection of basic topics D7-D9