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drylin® roller bearing: two systems, one goal
Tech up,
& Cost down

Hybrid roller bearing modular kit

igus® drylin® roller bearings

Our modular roller bearing system allows every component to be combined with every other. The products have been used, and have proven themselves,  for years.  Roller bearings for drylin® W WS single and double rails, installation size 10/16/20

  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Easy assembly & replacement
  • For horizontal or vertical installation
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Hybrid roller bearings for side-mounted installation

drylin® igus® hybrid roller bearings

igus® developed this system, which works especially well for lateral installation positions. Examples are sliding doors, monitor adjustment systems, shelves and cabinets.  For drylin® W WSR-10-120 hybrid roller bearing rails

  • Higher precision thanks to greater surface
  • Improved pressure distribution
  • Suitable for more weight
  • For lateral installation
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Why hybrid roller bearings?

Unlike classic roller bearings, our hybrid roller bearings use two technologies.

Liner technology
The additional liners installed in the carriage give the hybrid roller bearings more grip and stability, and weight is transmitted to the shaft more evenly. This extends the service life of shaft and rollers and allows greater maximum loads.

Roller technology
Rollers reduce displacement resistance. This would make it feel as though the carriage were floating on the shaft if one were to push it manually. Moving the carriage requires less energy.

New in 2020
Ball-bearing-mounted hybrid roller bearings

Hybrid roller bearing – smooth running and maintenance-free operation

No tangling or lubrication due to combination of sliding elements and roller bearings

Roller bearing

Roller bearings and drylin® W plain bearings

  • Sliding elements made of iglidur® J or iglidur® J200
  • Housings made from aluminium, stainless steel or zinc die-casting
  • Optimal bearing load in roller direction

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Double roller bearings

Roller bearing with drylin® W double roller

  • Housing made of zinc die-casting
  • Sliding element iglidur® J
  • Roller arrangement of 70° or 80° also allows lateral drives

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Hybrid carriages

Hybrid carriage with drylin® W roller bearings

  • Linear carriages with combined and plain and roller bearings
  • With single or double roller bearings
  • Particularly light running also with high loads

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Rolling and sliding – the roller bearing by igus®

For minimal drive forces and smooth operation

With the unique combination of lubrication-free plain and roller bearings, igus® offers a particularly smooth and cost-effective solution for linear guides. The technology, which is ideal for manual adjustments, enables a silent operation with applications such as machine doors, protective doors and moveable control panels. Due to the integrated rollers, low drive forces with a friction value of 0.1 µ can be achieved. The sliding elements made of iglidur® plastic absorb lateral and misuse forces. The roller bearings perfectly match various hard-anodised aluminium profiles from the drylin® W linear system.

  • Particularly smooth operation
  • Low-profile installation method possible
  • Absorption of the misuse and lateral forces by the sliding elements
  • No tangling
  • Fitting linear rails
  • Available in the installation sizes 10, 16 and 20

drylin® W roller bearing – combines sliding and rolling

drylin® W profile rails

Ideal for use with roller bearings

  • Suited for the available roller bearing sizes
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Available as single, double or high-profile rails

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Profile rails for drylin® W roller bearings


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