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iglidur® replaces metal
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Shifting from metal to iglidur® polymer plain bearings – save costs and improve your technology

Up to 89.5% more cost-effective, 80% lighter, 100% lubrication-free

For more than 35 years, plastic bearings by igus® have been a technically and economically advantageous alternative to metallic plain bearings. Improved by precise additions of reinforcing materials and solid lubricants, they are suitable for applications and requirements of all kinds, reduce maintenance work and allow for technical improvements.
The reasons are obvious – bearings made of high-performance plastics are:

  • lubrication and maintenance-free
  • predictable
  • cost-effective

Plastic replaces metal: Save 40% costs – 20 customers will show you how to do it.

Further advantages at a glance:

100% corrosion-resistant

Long service life and low coefficients of friction regardless of motion type

High media resistance

High temperature resistance


High resistance to dirt

High vibration dampening


Very good price-performance ratio

Service life can be calculated online

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Metal against iglidur® plastic plain bearings – the individual comparison

Replacement of PTFE and DP4

Metal bearings against iglidur® polymer plain bearings

Replacement metal composite bearings

Metal composite bearings

A classic metal composite bearing essentially consists of a metal cover and a very thin layer of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Typically, these types of bearing have a maximum wear zone of approx. 0.05 mm or approx. 0.002 inches. During operation, the PTFE layer is worn out. In extreme cases, it is completely worn away until metal runs on metal, resulting in shaft damages or "seizing up" of the bearing.

Replacement metal bearings

iglidur® polymer plain bearings

iglidur® plastic bearings are made of modern polymer compounds, which consist of base polymer, solid particles and so-called solid lubricants. These help reduce the iglidur® plain bearing's coefficient of friction. A transfer to the shaft is not absolutely necessary, but improves functionality. With this homogeneous structure, theoretically the entire wall thickness is available as wear zone.

iglidur® replaces sintered bearings

Sintered bearings against iglidur® polymer plain bearings

Sintered bushing

Sintered bearings

The oil is absorbed by the body of the porous sintered bearing and provides lubrication, especially at higher rotation speeds. The oil film necessary to ensure that sintered bearings function effectively does not work in the case of slow and/or linear or pivoting movements. In addition, the amount of oil available for the duration of the operation decreases.

iglidur® polymer plain bearings

iglidur® polymer plain bearings

The homogeneous and consistent structure with solid lubricating and reinforcing materials but without oil saturation ensures that the solid lubricants incorporated in the material are always available irrespective of the kind of movement. Very low coefficients of friction and wear over the entire life cycle of the product.

Needle bearings

Needle bearings against iglidur® polymer plain bearings

Needle bearings

Needle bearings

Due to the line contact between needle rollers and raceways, needle bearings have – compared to the point contact of the ball bearings – indeed a better load distribution at the contact point during rolling, yet the line contact requires a high Hertzian pressure. Therefore, like all rolling bearings, they are sensitive to vibrations and shocks. In addition, wear of the shafts can occur, which is why usually hardened shafts have to be used. Needle bearings can only absorb radial forces.

iglidur® polymer plain bearings

iglidur® polymer plain bearings

Due to the large load-bearing surface and the comparatively elastic properties of the plastic, iglidur® plain bearings are also suitable for heavy shocks and edge loads. Reinforcing fibres provide an additional improvement of the mechanical properties. In combination with iglidur® plain bearings, "soft" shafts can be used in many applications. Even with edge loads, the risk of shaft wear is significantly lower than with needle bearings.

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