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chainflex® news 2021

Tech up, cost down. It's our job.

chainflex cables from igus are always delivered with a guarantee of up to 36 months and so, of course, are our many new products this year. We present solutions for cleanrooms, are expanding the product range for the chainflex CASE, offer more cables for drive technology and qualify a FastConnect-capable PROFINET cable for e-chains.



chainflex® CASE – ship’n store by igus

883 cables can now be ordered

With the expansion of the product range of cables available for the chainflex CASE, the advantages of fast shipment, good storage capability and quick reordering will continue. There is a significant expansion to 883 types, which makes availability higher.

chainflex® CASE



Lightweight, thin, guaranteed and accredited to cleanroom-standards

Developed for cleanrooms, it can be used in many areas. The combination of e-skin flat and CFCLEAN forms a strong team. By using stranded structures, weight and installation space can be reduced. This leads to a high guaranteed service life in a small installation space. The CFCLEAN is available from stock and has a guaranteed service life of 20 million double strokes. 

chainflex® CFCLEAN


CF150.UL and CF160.UL

The only MTW cables for e-chain® and cable rack

The solution for laying the cable directly after the energy chain on the cable rack. Our new cable series is UL listed, the plug-in points behind the e-chain are no longer necessary. The storage of different types of cables for the energy chain and fixed installation is no longer necessary. 

chainflex CF150.UL/CF160.UL


CF280.UL.H207.D hybrid cable with coaxial element

Hybrid cables suitable for SEW MOVILINK DDI

A new hybrid cable for SEW's MOVILINK DDI technology. The transmission of system data takes place via a heavy-duty coaxial element, while our CF280.UL.H207.D achieves a guaranteed service life in motion. 

New hybrid cables suitable for SEW MOVILINK DDI


CF270.UL.10.06.D servo cable

Reliable cable suitable for Fanuc drives

A servo cable series with PUR jacket, adapted to the motor generation from the FANUC company. Qualified with up to 36-month service life guarantee and UL approval.

New servo cable suitable for Fanuc drives


CF898.061.FC PROFINET FastConnect

Fast, safe and easy to connect

The CF898.061.FC with a clear service life statement, up to 36 months guarantee and the availability of FastConnect technology - a new cable type that saves you up to 46% harnessing time.

chainflex CF898.061.FC


CF6 series product expansion

Shielded PVC control cable for the smallest installation spaces

Exactly the right cable  for the smallest installation spaces and long travels. Adding the core/cross-section combination (3G2.5)C to the CF6 cable family. 

chainflex CF6.25.03.


CFSPECIAL.5xx cable package for Top-Drive systems in e-loop

From motor, data & hybrid cable

With the new CFSPECIAL.5xx cables, there is now finally a suitable range of cables in the chainflex catalogue, which can save a further 35% in costs when purchased from this single igus source. 

CFSPECIAL.5xx TopDrive cable



First twistable IO-Link cable with 36-month guarantee

A worldwide standard: IO-Link. This system is the first worldwide standardised IO technology (IEC 61131-9) to communicate with sensors and also actuators.

chainflex control cable CF77.UL.INI.D for IO-Link

CF280 hybrid

Hybrid cable for Siemens drives S210

Product portfolio addition to the CF280.UL.H cable series

With the new hybrid cable CF280.UL.H304 in the cross sections (4G1.5+(2x1.5)C+(4xAWG26)C)C and (4G2.5+(2x1.5)C+(4xAWG26)C)C you get the precise main cross sections for your Siemens drives that you need. 

New hybrid cable for Siemens drives

CF9 / CF10

CF9.UL and CF10.UL

Control cable for extreme loads now 18% thinner thanks to new UL styles

The change to the UL style of the existing cables makes it possible for us to make the materials even thinner.

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