drylin® N low profile guide systems

drylin® N low profile guide systems offer you low profiles in various widths. Like in all drylin® products, the carriage runs without lubrication in anodized aluminum profiles. The material used and the unique design make drylin® N a cost-efficient and flexible guide system.

Technical data

Gliding elements: Maintenance-free
Material: iglidur® J *
Max. surface speed: 15 m/s
Operating temperature: -40°C to +90°C
*Other materials on request


Rail made of anodized aluminum


Gliding elements made of iglidur® J or J200


Carriage made of chromated zinc or plastic


Carriage with threaded hole or through hole


Small installation height between 6 and 12 mm


Numerous carriage options – also with pretension

Maintenance-free, self lubricating


Low wear with low coefficient of friction

Rails in silver or black anodized

When not to use ?

When precision below 50 μ is required

In high loads over 50 kg
drylin® T
drylin® R
drylin® W

When high resistance to chemicals is required
drylin® W
drylin® R


Standard, preload and floating bearing


NW 17 = 17 mm rail width

The smallest type series of the drylin® N series distinguishes itself by the lowest dimensions and high stressing capacity. This series operates free of lubrication and offers the potential to execute high-speed applications.

Variants: Standard, Preload (P), floating bearing (LL)

extrem low weight

Quiet running

Installation height 6 mm

up to 50 N load

NW 17 Preload (with pretension)The NW 17 Preload model of the drylin® N series displays, in addition to the features of the NW 17, an automatic pre-stressing within the rail. Freedom from lubricants and the potential to execute high travel speeds distinguish this series.

NW 27 product range

1. NW-01-27 Standard 01 with plain hole
2. NW-02-27 Standard 02 with threaded hole
3. Preload with plain hole-or threaded hole
4. Moulded with plain hole- or threaded hole
5. NW-21-27-60P solid plastic carriage with plain hole
6. NW-22-27-60P solid plastic carriage with threaded pin
7. NW-11-27-80 double carriage with plain hole
8. NW-12-27-80-HKA N27 carriage with manual clamp


NW 27 = 27 mm rail width

The installation size 27 offers the largest range of various guide carriages. They vary in the connecting potentials, lengths and precision. The injection-molded types additionally facilitate the stocking and installation.

NW 27 Preload (with pretension) Identical version to the drylin® standard carriage NW-01/02-27 and NW-02-40 respectively. The version injection-molded with iglidur® J offers an enhanced installation-friendliness and easier storage for large quantities. Features like the high wear resistance as well as low coefficients of friction remain unchanged.

Over 20 carriage options

9.5 mm installation height

100% lubricant-free

iglidur® J plain bearing material

up to 500 N Last

Best selling linear guide

1. Standard 02 with threaded hole
2. Injection-molded with threaded hole
3. Standard 01 with through hole


NW 40 = 40 mm rail width

The dimension 40 defines itself by the rail width of 40 mm and ideally fits standard aluminum profiles. The carriages are available with threaded pin or through hole. The gliding elements are available as clip version or directly injection-molded.


Installation height 9,5 mm

high speeds are possible (up to 5 m/s)

iglidur® J plain bearing material

up to 700 N Last

drylin® N - Low profile linear guide system NK-02-80

1. Standard 02 with mounting nuts
2. Injection-molded with mounting nuts


NW 80 = 80 mm rail width

The largest series in the drylin® N type series offers the potential to take high loads with low installation height. The largest series also operates free of lubrication and can undertake high-speed applications. The gliding elements can be replaced in the clips option, and the injection-molded option facilitates the installation.

Installation height 12 mm

100% lubricant-free

Wide torque support

up to 1000 N Last

Gliding elements made of iglidur® J or J200


Telescope system

Mounting rails: Anodized aluminum

Intermediate rail: Plastic

Options: Full extension, over extension (+ 20 mm), partial extension

Continuous lengths up to 1200 mm extended total length


Low noise

Corrosion resistant

From stock

drylin® N end caps  

End caps.

The new plastic end caps, suitable for drylin® N rails, offer „protection against loss“ for the carriages and cover the open sharp edges of the profi les safely and in an aesthetic way.

Easy installation


Dismantling possible

High retention force


Miniature linear axis - SLN-27-03 / SLN-27-04 / SLN-27-05

Components made from aluminium and plastic


Entry-level model

carriage-mounted lead screw

Retrofitting possible at any time

SLN-27-04 landscape view  

Miniature linear axis - SLN-27-14 / SLN-27-15

small and compact

Based on lubrication-free drylin® N low profile guides size 27

100 % lubricant-free

Lead screw, ball bearing mounted for low-backlash and dynamic operation

Manual and motorised operation possible

SLN-27 motor  

Miniature linear axis with motor - SLN-27-xxx

SLN-27: linear axis with NEMA11 stepper motor, lead screw ball bearing mounted via motor mount or ball bearing mounted linear axis with NEMA11 stepper motor

Small (installation height from 22 mm), light and flat

Plastic plain bearings in the bearing points

M5-thread (5x0,8 mm), steep thread 5x5 and 6x12,7

Manual and motorized operation

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