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igus® Energy Chain Systems or the-chains as it is popularly known is used for guidance and protection for moving cables are innovative products that can be assembled quickly. Energy chains or drag chains as called by many offer exceptional lifetimes in adverse conditions while effectively guiding and protecting the moving cables, hoses and other media. These cable carriers have multitude of possiblities in terms of movement or travel strokes possible. High levels of accleration can be achieved by these drag chains. Simple assembly of modular system on site and rapid retrofitting of cables is possible with these cable carrier system. igus® energy chains or drag chains accommodate very high dynamic loads and meet stringent service life along with all requisite safety considerations and certifications. .
These drag chains are RoHS compliant.

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Universal energy supply systems for every movement: more stable, opens faster, lighter, intelligent and many more …

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Specification of E-Chains®

Simply enter your application parameters in the E-Chain® expert to receive a proposal for a matching solution

Specification of E-Chains®


Product finder for E-Chains® up to 13 m travel Here you can find and configure quickly and easily the right E-Chain® for unsupported applications up to 13 m travel.

Energy Chains® product finder and configurator for unsupported applications

Service life

for Energy Chains® After entering the additional load, travel distance, speed and acceleration you will get the expected service life ...

Service life calculation for Energy Chains®


New series issued regularly! Faster and simpler construction with file formats for various systems.


3D movements and robots

Triflex®, Triflex® R, Easy Triflex®, TwisterChain®. Closed and easy to equip energy tubes for 2 and 3 axes as well as circular and spiral motion; modular design.

cable carrier & energy tube

Easy Chain®, E1

Easy to equip, economical. Quick to equip from inside or outside; low-cost, one-piece E-Chains®.

cable carrier & Energy Chain®


Quick assembly. Extremely fast opening and closing of small and medium-sized E-Chains® and energy tubes.

Energy Chain® & energy tube

E2 micro, mini

Small and medium sizes. Internal Energy Chain® height of 5 to 41 mm, small divisions, smooth operation, lightweight and cable-friendly interior.

cable carrier & Energy Chain®

E2 medium, E2/000

Quick to open. Standard E-Chains®, medium sizes, internal height of 21 to 45 mm, hinged on the left and right; versatile, modular, interior separation.

cable carrier & Energy Chain®

E2 tubes

Dirt-proof. Drag chain with chip protection, single-sided swivelling, medium sizes; versatile, modular, interior separation.

drag chain & energy tube

System E4.1, E4/00, E4/4, E4/Light

4-part, robust. Huge, modular construction kit. Opens on both sides, low-cost. Side-mounted with travels of 200 m and more, low weight cable carrier system.

cable carrier & Energy Chain®

System E3, E6

Especially quiet, suitable for clean rooms. Extremely quiet running at up to 38 dB(A). Low-vibration, high speed and acceleration.
Cable carrier systems E3 - small, E6 - robust.

cable carrier & Energy Chain®

Avoidance of static charges

System ESD & ATEX Snap-open energy chains® with mounting brackets and interior separation in ESD and ATEX version available from stock.

Avoidance of static charges

Troughs and strain-relief elements

Guide troughs and cable tracks for long travels. Chainfix strain-relief elements.

guide troughs & cable tracks

PMA protective hoses

To protect flexible electric cables, power cables, robotic cables, data cables etc.

protective hoses


Product finder and configurator for energy supply systems With the QuickChain.60 you can create your complete energy supply system for long travels from 10 m to 60 m in a few minutes.

Product finder and configurator for energy supply systems

Interior separation configuration

Easy filling with drag & drop Quick and easy filling of E-Chains®, with partlist, 3D-CAD, Download, Saving...

Easy filling with drag & drop

Find an E-Chain® fast

Answer just two questions.... Find the suitable E-Chain® quickly and easily with the E-Chain® Product Finder

Find an E-Chain® fast


igus® E-Chains®? 1. To ensure error-free automation processes.
2. To save time and money.

Why igus® E-Chain Systems®

Industry solutions

igus® offers you a customized entry here with suitable products for your industry and specific application.

Industry solutions

Reduce drive power by up to 57%

New tests: With P4 you save up to 60% energy: Energyefficient polymer energy chains and cables reduce consumption by up to 57%.

Reduce drive power by up to 57%


Equipment support for various types of robots. Complete equipment for all or individual axes bundled in a part number.


Fifth vector® award

Fifth vector® award
for inspiring energy supply solutions,
E-ChainSystems® with cables, induction and wireless.

vector® award
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