The flexible igus® factory in Cologne - by Nicholas Grimshaw

From briefing to architect

Brief: "In October 1988, igus® acquired a plot of about 40,000 m2 in Porz-Lind, an urban area in Cologne. The designing, production, sales, administration and planning should be carried out here. All core activities should take place here, igus® should have its headquarters here. igus® is prepared for fast growth and fleeting changes (flexibility) in all areas for the future with continuous consolidation of the entire corporate setup. For this purpose, the new "igus® factory" should provide for the spatial and technical potentials, and in its conception should promote the requirements and issues of the personnel. They should reflect on the inside and outside of the products and the key sentence in the corporate philosophy: Innovation - Service - Reliability - All igus® employees and igus® entities revolve around the solar system with the customer at the centre, solving his problems. “

Architect's drawing


Model of the factory


We cordially invite you to visit our factory.

The factory today

The move-in was in 1994.

igus® is now producing, testing and researching in Cologne on a floor area covering 36,000 m2. The factory area has been extended to 29,000 m2, added to which are 7,000 m2 of surrounding buildings for additional fabrication, technical training and a large logistics center. In the course of the factory extension, together with consistent lean management we have closely examined all departments: from marketing and administration to research and development, tool design and production throught to warehousing and distribution.

The extension of our lean igus® factory in Cologne by about 60 percent is almost finished and operation has already begun partially. 100,000 products can be delivered in 24 hours or the same day.

The igus® factory

The igus® factory


Operations at igus®

At igus® everything is open, anybody can walk in and meet anybody directly; all work is conducted with the same desks, the same work equipment and the same food in our cafeteria.

Our customers are as important for us as the sun is for life on earth. The sun gives light, warmth and energy and our customers give us ideas, work and money.

A look at the open factory

A look at the open factory

The igus® solar system

The igus® solar system

Fast locomotion in the factory

Fast locomotion in the factory


Automated plastic manufacturing and ultra modern injection molding machines


Large tool making for design processing and production

igus® experimental laboratory

igus® experimental laboratory: More than 10.000 experiments per year


Fresh daily. The manufacturing process of an igus® bearing


A look at the igus® experimental laboratory

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