energy chains® in the automotive industry

For the secure guidance of energy supply systems in production lines and other production areas of the automotive industry, igus® offers an ideal solution with plastic energy chains®. Many applications are possible, involving manufacturing robots, or indoor cranes with long travels, etc. We would be happy to assist you with your individual application.

Energy supply chains and flexible cables in the automotive production  
e-chains® for 3D motion  
3D e-chain® especially for robotic applications

Three energy chain® options: closed, easily fillable, or as light version. First choice for multi-axis industrial robots

Solutions for long travels  
Roller chain profile, energy-efficient

Quiet, abrasion-resistant, maintenance-free energy chain®. For long travel distances of 600 m and more, very high fill weights and speeds.

Universal energy chain®  
Universal energy chain®

Almost all applications are possible with this e-chain®. Inner heights 21 to 80 mm. e-chain® and tubes snap-open along two sides Quick installation, cable-friendly design.

System Micro FLIZZ®  
Safe guidance of energy, data and air

Compact, cost-saving energy chain®. Compact, complete system for the safe guidance of energy, data and air.

Solutions for circular & spiral movements  
Circular & spiral movements

energy chains® for circular movements up to 520°. Quick cable replacement Modular design - variable widths.

Installation service

Ensure a faultless installation, avoid downtimes and additional costs ...

Installation service    

energy chains® in the car

Smaller models of igus® energy chains® can also be used inside the car. There are, for example, already applications for truck seat adjusters and sliding doors. We can help you with solutions for such applications.

Energy supply systems in the broadest range of areas in cars  

Completely assembled energy chains®, e.g. for sliding doors in vans and SUVs, guarantee power supply of the door even in the open position. "Corkscrew effects" are excluded by the use of special, flexible igus® chainflex® cables. Here igus® offers tailor-made and assembled solutions, which access 40,000 individual components in our product range.

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