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For years the igus® motto has been "plastics for longer life®". By this we mean the production of innovative plastic products which reduce maintenance work, achieve technical improvements, at the same time as reducing costs and increasing service life, everything delivered immediately from stock.

Improve the technology of your application with igus® e-chain systems®

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1.2 million seals painted without a single failure

Uwe Weißhofff, Hutchinson GmbH

"We had continuous problems with the original solution, a grooved hose. Since its conversion the painting robot has run completely free of errors."

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No more replacement every 9 months

Johannes Harbord, Mannesmannröhren Werke GmbH

"Since igus® plastic energy chains have been in use, the facility runs without any problem. There no more stoppage times through the chain, and my cost center is remarkably charged less. “

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Fast commissioning

Joachim Grandy, BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH

"Only 24 hours passed between ordering, delivery and installation. And since its installation, the system has functioned without any problems at all!"

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Extreme conditions on site

Dipl.-Ing. Werner Kretzinger, AVA Abfallverwertung Augsburg GmbH

"Though they have been in operation for over two years, they haven't shown any sign of wear at all so far."

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No more cable failure

Due to the heavy weight of the metal chain, the prevailing dust load as well contamination with lubricants and oils, it was decided to replace the metal chain with a plastic energy chain.

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The world's longest travel distance

with igus® e-chains® and Chainflex® cables

The e-chain systems® today clearly contribute toward reliability, as system downtimes, for example through cable breaks, are reduced to zero.

Container cranes  

Twelve years under extreme stress

Energy and signal supply systems to the container cranes at the HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder

Here you can find many more customer examples with e-chains®

Increase service life, reduce maintenance costs, save costs and find customer applications about many more subjects from all product areas here.

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In order to find the suitable e-chain® for the application, specifications can be made here by which the ideal product is found. From the required width, height, bending radius, filling weight, up to clean room suitability and other features, the result can be very much limited. The properties of individual chains can then be compared.

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