Automotive materials

Here is an overview of the most important igus® materials for automotive applications using plastic plain bearings. We have classified the materials in groups to facilitate your selection. Over 7,000 standard dimensions from Ø 2 - 150 mm are available from stock in over 36 materials. Short delivery times even for special dimensions.

Product information - iglidur® GLW  

The economic solution for large volumes. Used in applications with low glide paths but high static loads, like for instance in seat systems. Suitable for e-coating
T: -40°C/+100°C
F: 80 MPa

Product information - iglidur® G  

The all-rounder. Similar mechanical properties like iglidur® GLW, but with clearly higher wear resistance. Typical applications are convertible top systems and fittings. Suitable for e-coating
T: -40 °C/+130 °C
F: 80 MPa

Product information - iglidur® J  

The material with the most favorable coefficients of friction in dry operation. Thereby well suited for all short-term fast-rotating applications in seat adjustment and mirror drives. Good glide partner also for all "soft" materials", operates even with aluminum die casting.
T: -50 °C/+90 °C
F: 35 MPa

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The conductive material for all applications with e-coating. Typical applications are found in seat and convertible top systems.
T: -40 °C/+130 °C
F: 45 MPa

Product information - iglidur® H4  

The bearing for all applications in the engine compartment. Resistant to fuels, transmission oils and brake fluids. Minimum moisture absorption. Typical applications are throttle valves, intake tubes, transmission actuators, etc.
T: -40°C/+200°C
F: 65 MPa

Product information - iglidur® Z  

High temperature material, can also be coated with PA or PPS materials. Offers good tribological properties also with GF reinforced plastics. Low e-module in spite of high compressive strength. Ideal in applications with high loads and misalignments, e.g. in hydraulic platforms in utility vehicles.
T: -100 °C/+250 °C
F: 150 MPa


Individually adapted materials with special properties: We develop the plastic that's needed for your application. We find the ideal solution along with you: Short development times, optimized according to value analysis and tested at the igus® lab. Over 100 tested special compounds already on the shelves.

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