iglidur® special parts

Ready made or custom made

Everything is possible - iglidur® special parts and solutions

Special engineering solutions like rattle-free and low-clearance bearing, axial tolerance compensation, anti-twist protection, knurling, lubrication slots, etc., almost everything is possible

iglidur® offers you self-lubricating and maintenance-free solutions, all according to your wishes, "off the shelf" or "custom made" especially for your applications:


For you, "ready made" means ...

Selection from over 7381 standard dimensions

Quick availability


High wear resistance and good dampening

For you, "custom made" means ...

"Custom made" problem solutions for your application

Simple installation

Tolerance compensation possible

Anti-twist protection, knurling, lubrication slots, snap-on lug and much more.

Your contact

Markus Feth +49 2203 9649 251 Your requirements?

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