Draws precision from the crude

iglidur®: specialty: Draws precision from the crude

Low clearance iglidur® plain bearing through re-calibration during E-coating

Often low-cost perforated housings and simple cold extruded parts with rough tolerances as pins are used in seat and convertible top systems. However, a bearing with the lowest possible clearance should be achieved to absolutely prevent noise ...

Here is our approach to the solution

For calibration iglidur® plain bearings use the high temperatures generated during drying after the E-coating.

     1. Roughly perforated hole/drawn flange


     2. Install iglidur® plain bearing with slide fit


     3. Install rivet/pin with cover


     4. E-coating (cathodic dip coating)


     5. "Automatic" recalibration during drying (max.
           60 min. at up to 220°C)


     6. Result: Low-clearance bearing in spite of "inaccurate"

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