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Extensive test database and value analysis.

iglidur® plain bearings signify the step from the plastic bushing to the tested and proven and thereby predictable machine element. Possibly the world's largest database on tribological properties of polymer plain bearings has emerged from over 4000 tests per year. This database enables us to select the bearing with the best cost/durability ratio for your concrete application.

Bearings lab with over 4000 tests per year

Bearings lab with over 4000 tests per year

Excellent database for polymer plain bearings

Excellent database for polymer plain bearings


Modern economic injection molding technique

High-tech solutions at discount price. The modern economic injection molding technique enables the low-cost and reliable production of over 7,000 standard parts and numerous special parts, everything just in time! We produce on 200 machines with a clamping force of up to 130 t. Our "8 to 8 + Saturday till12" service offers you the guarantee of a fast response to the short-term changes in requirement. Orders for standard parts received till 19:00 hours can be processed and dispatched the same day.

Test and production

Pivot tests in the igus® lab and production


Mass and individual production for large and small volumes


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