iglidur® J260 Tribo-Filament

… one material - from prototype to series …

iglidur® J260  

The new Tribo-Filament iglidur® J260 is the first standard igus® material that is printable, available as bar stock and injection molding part. Now it is possible to produce parts quickly and cost-effective from 1 off with the same material characteristics from the prototyping- phase until the mass production.

Wear resistant, especially in connection with polymer shafts

Higher temperature resistance: up to +120 °C

Good chemical resistance

Suitable for any 3D printer using FDM

Diameter: 1,75 mm and 3 mm

Typical applications:Prototype construction, small series, custom engineering, …

From prototyping-phase to mass production
Steering system

Steering system

i.e. wiper lever

i.e. wiper lever

Material table

iglidur® J260-PF
Colour yellow
moisture absorption at 23 °C and 50 %r. h. 0,2 weight-%
Max. water absorption 0,4 weight-%
Max. long term application temperature +120 °C
Max. short term application temperature +140 °C
Minimum application temperature -100 °C

Part Number    
 J260-PF-0175-0025 (1) Upon request 
 J260-PF-0300-0025 (1) Upon request 
 J260-PF-0175-0250 Upon request 
 J260-PF-0300-0250 Upon request 
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(1) This product is a test kit that is not supplied on a spool

from stock/ex stock

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