Energy supply solutions for vehicles

Custom solution concepts for your application

Specially tailored to your installation space and your weight and load limits

Whether in private cars or commercial or speciality vehicles, the requirements being placed on energy supply solutions are becoming increasingly complex.
The many moving and electrically controlled functions and configuration options in door systems, seat systems, speakers, window lifters, safety systems, locks and so on require reliable, durable and simple solutions to ensure a continuous supply of energy and signals. igus® has the perfect solution.


Light and quiet

Long predictable service life

Assembly-friendly, cable-friendly, complete systems

Tailored to customer requirements, customised solutions

Operation simulation in the igus® in-house test laboratory

Fast delivery possible with quick tool changing


Flexible energy supply system in a van


1. Wiper systems

Wiper systems  

2. Seat adjustment

Seat adjustment  

3. Sliding door

Sliding door  
Series E2C. 10, enclosed  

Extends the service life of not only the electrical supply systems, but also of media-carrying hoses

Series 045  

Compact guiding of cables

Series E2C. 15, enclosed  

Ensures continuous energy feed to various components in the door, such as Kessy (keyless entry system), power closure, light and sensor technology

Flexible energy supply in cars


1. Headlights


2. Interior systems

Interior systems  

3. Powered windows

Powered windows  
Series 03  

Stable guidance for more reliability

Series 045  

Allows the use of electrically moving comfort elements, by controlled guiding in a confined

Series 074  

Reliable energy and data supply in the smallest spaces

e-chainsystem® for all installation types and applications ... delivered from stock

E2 micro: for the smallest installation spaces

With our standard E2 micro products a variety of applications are already operating in vehicle equipment. From stock we offer energy chains in different lengths and widths, enclosed, easy to open, as energy chains or energy tubes, and all accessories and cables - everything tested in our own laboratory.

High torsion resistance

Smallest inner heights and bending radii

Small pitch for silent operation


Ul-94-V2 and UL-94-V0 classification

E2 micro  
More information:

Energy chains in on-board equipment and systems

Energy chains and polymer plain bearings used in cars.

Energy chains in on-board equipment and systems    

Energy chains in the automotive manufacturing industry

Energy supply solutions for manufacturing purposes in the automotive industry.

Energy chains in the automotive manufacturing industry    

Service life
prediction for e-chains® - QuickLife

With just a few clicks you will receive a statement about the expected service life of the e-chain®.

Service life prediction for e-chains® - QuickLife    

Plastic products for the automotive industry

The use of polymer plain bearings makes sense in many locations of vehicle production.

Plastic products for the automotive industry    

igus® test lab

Test laboratory  

Quality from the igus® laboratory: We test our plastic products under real conditions

Special solutions

Special solutions  

We will implement customised energy supply systems quickly together with you, to meet your requirements



Here, you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about the energy supply system in vehicles

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