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Extended: speedigus®

Customized bearings parts

Sometimes our customers require custom parts or services, and for many years this has been an important part of the igus® support
Now, with speedigus®, we combine custom parts with speed, using the benefits of igus® tribo-plastics.
speedigus® custom parts can be manufactured in three distinct ways:

speedimoldThis is where a 3D model from the customer is used to produce a fast aluminium injection mould tool, allowing real igus® parts to be manufactured very quickly. The leadtime for this service varies from 24 hours to a maximum of three weeks.

speedicutThis is where the igus® stock bar is used to machine a custom part to a 2D drawing or 3D model. The leadtime for this service varies from 3 days to a maximum of three weeks.

speedifitThis is where an igus® part is fitted into a custom housing or unit, and the whole assembly is supplied as one part. The leadtime for this service varies from five days to three weeks.
All speedigus® options have the same promise: On time delivery and 24 hour response for all enquiries.


Also available as an iPad app from iTunes.