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drylin® 7th axis for all robots

7th axis for all robots

With the 7th axis kit, the workspace of common lightweight robots can be expanded via our linear module (or linear axis). It is controlled by digital I/Os and at the same time, fulfils the safety requirements. Compatible with:

... expand the workspace of common robots ...

7th axis for all robots

One axis for all robots

  • Flexible robot use instead of locking kinematics
  • Connection via linear carriage of the ZLW-20 modular axis
  • Stroke lengths of up to 3000mm
  • Adapter kit including preparation of suitable e-chain systems®
  • The ZLW-20 toothed belt axis can be delivered ready for connection with the matching adapter kit or the adapter kit supplied separately.

Tech up

Tech up

  • Suitable adapter kits for igus® robots, Universal
    Robots, Epson, Omron, Franka Emika, Doosan,
    Yuanda Robotics and many more.
  • Ready-to-install linear axis 7 in
  • Linear axes with stroke lengths of up to 6,000mm

Cost down

Cost down

  • Kits available individually, or save design time and effort by ordering completely assembled, ready-to-connect
    linear axes
  • Fast control via digital I/Os



  • Toothed belt axis service life can be calculated online
  • Up to four times the robot working area
    thanks to linear adjustment with the seventh axis



  • 100% lubrication-free toothed belt axis
  • Materials can be recycled
  • Existing ZLW-20 toothed belt axes can be retrofitted
  • Wear-resistant parts can be replaced easily

Configuration via digital inputs and outputs


  • 6 digital inputs (64 freely programmable positions)
  • 6 digital outputs for status feedback
  • 23xl Stepper Kit
  • Pre-configured for NEMA 23XL stepper motors

Isn't your robot included?

Switch cabinet for 7th axis

Configure 7th axis - download STEP data now

Download the STEP data of the 7th axis, alternatively with an e-chain, and configure your own robot application. Or contact us! Our experts will be happy to assist you.

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