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Plastic bearing technology in motor vehicles - quiet, light, durable

Plain bearings, linear guides and coupling joints by igus have been designed for dynamic use and tough environments. The high-performance polymers used withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, shocks, dirt and corrosion. They are lubrication-free, durable, maintenance-free and quiet; in addition, the low weight of the polymer bearings leads to a higher performance of the entire construction and a reduction in CO2 emissions.
In the course of e-mobility and hence quieter motors, requirements regarding components and modules have increased: they have to be as noiseless as possible and ideally have dampening properties (BSR: buzz, squeak and rattle). Noises always arise where components interact with each other and friction occurs. igus polymers minimise the coefficient of friction and hence result in less wear and a quieter operation.  

Five reasons why you should use iglidur plain bearings in motor vehicles

With iglidur plain bearings, costs can be reduced by up to 40 %. Weight is reduced by up to 80 % and, as a consequence, CO2 emissions are lowered as well. What's more, the bearings operate very quietly, compensate for manufacturing tolerances and can be inserted into sheet metal quickly and easily thanks to flexible assembly concepts.

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New products in 2021

Tough, wear-resistant, durable

New bearing for use in demanding media

▲ Tech up
  • Greatest elongation at break in the range of iglidur H materials
  • More wear-resistant as plain bearing material than iglidur H1
▼ Cost down
  • Maintenance-free properties reduce costs for lubrication and maintenance
  • iglidur H3 achieves a higher running performance than iglidur H1 in many applications

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Heavy-duty filament fabric bushings

Wear-resistant, electrically conductive rollers

Coupling joints sealed against dirt

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dryspin technology in cars

Lead screw nuts & lead screws from a single source

Cost-effective alternative to conventional lead screw drives made of metal

Individual design, uncomplicated system integration, short delivery times

Wide variety of materials and complete absence of a need for  lubrication or maintenance

Almost silent operation, ideal for small installation spaces

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dry-tech products for cars

Standard parts from the online shop

Standard bearings ordered quickly and simply from our online shop

  • Standard parts from stock
  • Short delivery time
  • Cost-effective
  • Large selection of bearing types and high-performance materials

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igus clip bearings

Clip bearings for fitting shafts through sheet metal

  • Lateral slot for easy installation
  • For rotating and linear movements
  • Good adaptability to punched holes
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Smooth operation

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drylin PTGSG

dryspin lead screw technology

High helix, trapezoidal and metric threads

Highest level of efficiency also in dry operation

Corrosion-free and dirt-resistant

Long service life, quiet and vibration-free due to high performance polymers

More about dryspin in cars
Various special bearings customised by igus to your specific requirements

Rapid prototyping and prototype construction

  • Component customised to provide the required design, quantity and material
  • A range of manufacturing processes to meet individual needs
  • Competent consultation, easy online ordering and fast delivery

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drylin NKV-21

drylin linear technology

Compact design for confined spaces

Various spring preloads for defined displacement forces

Quiet running and no rattling

No stick-slip effect

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igubal coupling joint

igubal coupling joints

Individual dimensions and versions can be realised quickly

Rotatable end pieces


Easy assembly

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Areas of use


iglidur plain bearings in the car seat

Low-noise, easily adjustable seat systems

iglidur plain bearings are resistant to high static loads up to 120 MPa without problems. To compensate tolerances, the plain bearings use high temperatures for drying after the e-coating.

More applications

Exterior and chassis

iglidur plain bearings in a headlamp

Corrosion-free bearings in multiple-joint hinges

iglidur plain bearings are used in door hinges and multiple-joint hinges as they are corrosion-free, compensate for tolerances, are suitable for e-coating and operate noiselessly.

More applications

Engine compartment

iglidur plain bearings in coolant pumps

Media-resistant plain bearings in coolant pumps

iglidur plain bearings are not only media-resistant but also more cost-effective than ceramic and carbon-graphite bearings.  They operate silently and, due to hydrodynamic lubrication, easily cope with high surface speeds.

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Tested in the igus test laboratory for use in the real world

Tested for continuous load, media resistance and quiet operation

In the industry's largest test laboratory for plastics iglidur plain bearings, drylin linear technology and igubal coupling joints are put through their paces. The focus is on the examination of the tribological properties of different material pairings and the testing of assemblies. The results are entered into our tools to calculate service life and allow for precise predictions regarding their durability.
Upon request, igus carries out customer tests so as to check the use of the products under completely unique conditions.

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