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smart plastics in use at an Austrian automotive supplier

The biggest and most important engine factory for a large German car manufacturer in Austria.

On average, an engine comes off the assembly line every 14 seconds – In peak periods, more than 6,000 engines are produced every working day. This output can only be achieved with a high degree of automation and with reliable components. This is why companies rely on smart plastics from igus® in order to avoid unforeseen failures and machine shutdowns.

smart plastics  
smart plastics  
isense EC.W modules  

With the help of a polymer wire (inside the energy chain) and a sensor unit, isense EC.B modules monitor the condition of the chain. In the event of a chain breakage, the machine is stopped automatically to prevent damage.

isense EC. W modules  

isense EC.W modules have also been built in. A sensor built into the crossbar signals advanced wear of the chain. The measurement of wear data means that a chain's remaining service life can be predicted and replacement can be planned at an early stage.

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