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Best e-chain® for medium fill weights

Series E2.1 energy chain


More interior space, easy filling and assembly and long service life are just some of the benefits that the E2.1 series has to offer. This new generation of the two-section energy chains was developed to improve on the preceding E2/000 series, which has proved its worth over a period of 15 years. The E2.1 series offers extremely fast filling from the side or from the top – along on the inner or outer radius, using a chain opener or screwdriver. Thanks to these features, the E2.1 is ideal for use in general engineering, woodworking and metalworking industries, and in machine tool construction.



integrated, optimised brake reduces noise by as much as 10 dB(A)



Greater strength for longer unsupported lengths

Easier assembly

Quicker to fill

Easily openable from the top and the side, chain opener included

Crossbar openable from the left and/or right side or from above

Crossbar openable from the left and/or right side

The crossbar with integrated grid can be quickly and easily opened from both sides or from above using a screwdriver.

Crossbars can open by more than 180°

Crossbars can open by more than 180°

Because the crossbars can be pivoted open the e-chain® is easily accessible and to fill.

High holding force of the

High holding force of the crossbars

The crossbars and the interior separation offer a very high holding force which keeps them locked in place. In this way they will not open unintentionally during operation.

Versatile mounting brackets and strain relief elements

Various mounting bracket options ensure that the cable is fastened and E2.1 is quickly connected to the machine

Mounting brackets

Mounting brackets

KMA mounting brackets ensure strong connection of the e-chain® to the machine. These are optionally available with C-profile rail.

Strain relief elements

Strain relief elements

Ideally, the cables/hoses should be strain relieved at both ends of the e-chain®. At the very least, they must be strain relieved at the moving end of the e-chain®. Strain relief elements include clamps, tiewrap plates, nuggets, etc.

Innovative brake design. Even more quiet than the preceding series

Innovative brake design

Special brake on the stop-dogs ensures that the noise level is reduced by up to 10 dB(A).

Test: Sound level

Sound level measured in anechoic chamber at 2 m/s

Higher fill weight and unsupported length

Fill weight

Longer unsupported length

Experiment: Tensile force

Measurement of pull force until chain links break or separate

Open and close in seconds

e-chain® opener

Opening of 1 m of e-chain® in 2 seconds with the igus® e-chain® opener.

Opening/closing of E2.1

Time needed to fully open and close 1 m of chain

Chamfered pins

Chamfered pins

A chamfered pin ensures that the chain links are easy to assemble together

Strong pin/bore connection

Strong pin/bore connection

Strong pin/bore connections ensure high a high level of pull/push force absorption and high torsional rigidity.

Double stop-dog

Double stop-dog

With the rectangular geometry, the distribution of force is considerably better than with a round stop-dog (formula for surface pressure, p=F/A). The double stop-dog ensures high strength even for long unsupported lengths.

Lateral wear pads

Lateral wear pads

The lateral wear pad increases the service life even with side-mounted applications.


Lean separators

Lean separators facilitate extremely fast multi-layer cable filling and 50% quicker harnessing

Internet of e-chains®: QR code

QR code

A QR code on the e-chain® speeds up replacement part procurement and installation.

Integrated gliding surfaces

Integrated gliding surfaces

Integrated gliding surfaces ensure a long service life even in the case of long travels/gliding applications