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Compact, chip-repellent design: the new R2.40 plastic energy tube from igus05-10-2015

snap-open lid ensures easy filling

Cologne, XX October 2015 – At the Motek and at the EMO, igus is presenting the energy tube series R2 with 40 millimetre inner height, which offers the right solution for compact installation spaces such as in machine tools. Like its big brother, R2.75 with 75 millimetres interior height, the new energy tube provides users with protection against chips, dust and dirt. At the same time it is easy to open and close, making assembly work very simple.

Twice the service life, same price: igus presents new plastic ball bearings23-09-2015

Lubrication-free all-rounder xiros S180 series from igus for versatile applications in technologies ranging from textile to food processing

With the xiros S180 ball bearings, the Cologne-based motion plastics specialist is launching a new series of polymer ball bearings on the market and will present them at the 2015 Motek. The universal bearings have a very low wear, are FDA compliant, have twice the service life compared to the all-rounder xiros B180, and are available at the same price.

Head-to-Head Duel: Tribo-Filament Convincing in Test compared to Injection Molding Quality21-09-2015

Tests confirm abrasion resistance of tribo-filament compared to standard filaments and injection molding

Where do tribological filaments stand in comparison with standard 3D print materials? And do printed parts made of high-performance plastics actually have a lower abrasion resistance than injection-molded components? Now the motion plastic specialist igus has tracked down these questions in their test laboratory. One result was surprising.

Consistently high holding force guaranteed:14-09-2015

New variable option enables individual lengths from a quantity of 1

The motion plastics specialist igus has combined the demountable igubal angled joint with the user-friendly "crimped" joining method. The advantages: customised lengths from 1 piece, easy assembly and disassembly, as well as high holding force up to 300 N, and completely free of lubricant and maintenance.

Small effort, big result! Roll energy chain systems up to 100 metres easily by hand31-08-2015

At the 2015 EMO, igus presents its new readychain rolling rack for quick installation of long e-chains

With the new readychain rolling rack the motion plastics specialist igus shows how even heavy, harnessed e-chainsystems can be unreeled by just one person allowing assembly time and costs to be significantly reduced. The complete solution can be used for energy chain systems up to 100 metres in length, for example for gantry cranes.

The endurance runner among the plain bearing range27-08-2015

iglidur J3 with up to three times longer service life for continuously moving applications

The PTFE-free material iglidur J3 is the "endurance runner" among the high-performance polymers of the motion plastics specialist igus. It increases the service life especially of applications with low and medium loads and therefore is ideal for the bicycle industry. It is also suitable for inspection robots, crane trolleys and wire cutters. iglidur J3 is part of the extension of the iglidur full range and now is available from stock in 113 standard sizes.

New cost calculator for the installation of energy chains and cables on machines17-08-2015

igus provides a unique online tool for cost transparency in on-site installation

The installation of a complete energy supply system on a machine usually costs money. Using an online tool sourcing professionals and installers at igus can now easily calculate precisely how much it will cost.

Safe retraction without loops: a new energy supply system from igus13-08-2015

Retraction system for e-chains on industrial robots enables guiding of supply hoses for rivets and screws

The motion plastics specialist igus has developed a lightweight and cost-effective concept for the automatic retraction of energy chains allowing further advances in robotics. Besides carrying energy, data and media cables, industrial robots nowadays also frequently carry supply hosesfor rivets or screws. The new triflex RSE system prevents looping of the energy chain, allowing these materials to be safely supplied to the end of the robot arm.

igus humanoid wins the first RoboCup Design Award06-08-2015

A joint project involving the University of Bonn and the Cologne plastic experts impressed the judges in the Chinese city of Hefei

The 'NimBro' team from the University of Bonn and motion plastics specialist igus celebrated victory in the inaugural RoboCup Design Award. The two partners worked together to develop a football-playing humanoid, which is protected against falls by its abrasion-resistant outer elements. Not only this, but it is also able to stand up again of its own accord. One of the many areas in which the humanoid impressed during the competition was that of seamless interaction between humans and robots. This success follows on from the partnership's victory in the RoboCup Football World Cup in 2012.

Make adjustments to machine tools with igus now more quickly and cost effectively30-07-2015

Lead screw nuts in five different high-performance plastics available from stock

Whether heavy duty, temperature resistant up to 150 degrees or very cost-effective - there is the right material for any application in the machine tool industry in the expanded full range of drylin threaded nuts from igus. Under the motto "Savfe 4.0", the motion plastics specialist igus presents its range to international trade visitors at the EMO 2015 in Milan in hall 3, fair stand E10 F07.

New plastic guide trough keeps energy chains safely and easily on track21-07-2015

The guidelite plus enables users to make savings on purchase and installation

The motion plastics specialist igus has launched a new modular guide trough system, which is entirely made of tribo-optimised plastic: guidelite plus. The system is very light, easy to install, cost effective and is also suitable for use in harsh environments.

Easy mounting of ball pins by hand, thanks to the clip-on spherical bearing bushing from igus13-07-2015

Effortless assembly and seperation with constant holding force

Thanks to the new igubal clip-on spherical bearing bushing from igus, the M6 ball pin can be mounted easily. For this purpose, only a cylindrical bore in a ten-millimetre-thick holding fixture is required. The easy dismantling of the bushing and ball pin makes this maintenance-free novelty from the motion plastics specialist igus ideally suited for prototyping.

World's first for long travels: 40 percent lighter cables for e-chains12-07-2015

Reduce weight and driving force with igus single core motor cables made of copper-coated aluminium

The new chainflex motor cables CF430.D and CF440 (unshielded and shielded) from igus save significant system weight for long travel applications using energy chains. In this way, the use of smaller e-chains can reduce cost and enhance both the energy efficiency and the service life of energy chain systems. As for all chainflex cables, igus offers a unique 36-month warranty for its durability.

iglidur X: Plain bearing material withstands temperatures from -100 to + 250°C06-07-2015

For use in extreme heat, cold or acid: Now available in even more sizes

The motion plastics specialist igus have been offering a material for the extremes for many years - iglidur X. Pressure, heat, cold, moisture or acids - nothing makes iglidur X give way. As part of the igus standard range campaign that covers 113 dimensions, more are being added to the existing 312 catalogue dimensions. All standard sizes of the plain bearing material are thus available from igus within 24 hours.

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