Save 4 x time, save 4 x costs

Save time and thus reduce the process cost

Plays an increasingly larger role besides the actual cost of the part!
By the exchange of metallic rolled composite bearings such as "DU" or "Norglide", you can not only reduce the cost of the part by up to 40%, but also reduce your process costs.

Fast assembly

By assembly-friendly solutions such as clip bearings or flange bushings.

Quick selection

of a suitable bearing and simple estimation

Individual consultation

on site or by phone (8 hrs to 20 hrs, Sa 8 to12 hrs)
Call us: +49 (0)2203/9649-251

Fast delivery

7000 standard dimensions in 24 hrs or today *, customized special parts from two weeks

Your advantages:

Easy installation

No pre-flanging necessary for double flange bearings

No recalibration required

Tolerance compensation by bearing assembly with cover for the rivet (with subsequent e-coating)

Tests according to your specifications at the igus® laboratory

Save time and lower costs  

NOW: Quick and easy assembly!

No pre-flanging for igus ® MKM double flange bearings!

1) Fix

Flange bushing  

2) Screw / rivet

Flange bushing  

3) Ready

Flange bushing  
iglidur® MKM - Flange bushing

Made of unfilled, elastic materials like iglidur® M250 or iglidur® RN27.

"Right" axial thrust surfaces on both sides

Simple, automated flanging

Tolerance compensation through axial pretension

Riveting too as an alternative

18-20 Mpa* per material possible

Your contact

Dave Spence 01604 677240 Your requirements?

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