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...long service-life

iglidur® H1 plain bearing

Best wear-resistance

Long-term service temperature 200°C

Resistant against fuels and transmission oils

Good gliding properties on GF-filled plastic shafts

Variable intake system



iglidur® G plain bearing

self lubricated

Substitute for lubricated metallic bearings and roller bearings

Environmental discharge

80% lower energy consumption in production compared to steel

Hydraulic platform



iglidur® J plain bearing

Good dampening

No squeaking

Rattle-free bearing through spring-loaded iglidur® JVSM bearing

Radial and axial tolerance compensation possible

Pedal system



iglidur® W300 plain bearing

82% weight reduction compared to metallic roller bushings

Best wear-resistance

Low friction

high impact resistance

Steering system



iglidur® H plain bearing

Continuous service temperature 200℃

High wear-resistance at 30 g, 25 Hz with 25 KN at 170°C

vibration dampening

Media-resistant (brake fluid)

Brake caliper



iglidur® H2 plain bearing

No contact corrosion

Good noise dampening


Shift fork transmission



MKM bearing

Simple installation: Position bearing on screw + tighten

Segments fold down and form a second flange

Noise-free operation


Seat systems



igubal® coupling bars

Single-piece igus® coupling bars replace multi-piece metal/plastic models

Cost reduction by around 90%

Resistant to corrosion

Special designs possible

Transmission gear connection


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