New widths for iglidur® A160

... tribo-tape in new widths from stock ...

ESD A500  

Even more variety on stock! Program extended with the widths 20, 50 and 500 mm (0,5 mm thickness).

Lubricant- and mainteance-free

Low coefficient of friction


Easy to cut and glue

Optional with adhesive back

Standard width from stock

Individual desired widths in continuous range from 20-500 mm

Typical applications:Mechanical engineering, material handling, jig making, assembly technology, ...


Customised Tribo-Tape –
just order online

Part Number    
 A160-T-005-0020 Upon request 
 A160-T-005-0020-G Upon request 
 A160-T-005-0050 Upon request 
 A160-T-005-0050-G Upon request 
 A160-T-005-0100 Upon request 
 A160-T-005-0100-G Upon request 
 A160-T-005-0500 Upon request 
 A160-T-005-0500-G Upon request 
 A160-T-010-0500 Upon request 
 A160-T-010-0500-G Upon request 
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G1 = adhesive version up to +70 °C

from stock/ex stock

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Autumn News 2015

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